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Southern Sustainability Partnership events are where genuine green initiatives meet real market opportunities. Showcase your organisation’s sustainable efforts and drive business growth.

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Register for the Big Sustainability Expo 2024

Discover solutions to your sustainability challenges with our extensive offerings of over 100 exhibition stands, speaker theatre, innovation showcases, hot topic workshops, and a sustainability case study gallery. 

Enjoy our meeting and networking space, explore electric cars, vans, bikes, and scooters, and celebrate the future of green innovation at the Young People’s Sustainability Awards winners gallery. Free registration and parking.

The Big Sustainability Expo
The Sustainability Awards

Enter the Big Sustainability Awards 2024

The Big Sustainability Awards 2024 spotlight leaders in sustainability across sectors. Showcasing innovation in energy, waste management, and sustainable practices, this platform celebrates your environmental achievements. Open to businesses of every size, we honour initiatives from energy efficiency to employee engagement and beyond. Nominate your project to inspire change and gain recognition.

Submit by 31st July 2024, with finalists announced by 31st August. Elevate your sustainability impact with us.

New for 2024: Children's Awards

Support Young People's Futures

Our children are the future custodians of our planet and its wildlife. The Children’s Awards have been designed to encourage young people to think about nature and why it is so important.

We want to encourage them to think about the beauty of nature and the wildlife around us. Bringing it to life through art, and rewarding those that take part.

The Southern Sustainability Partnership

The Southern Sustainability Partnership, founded in 2015 by a team with 26 years of collective experience, is dedicated to enhancing corporate sustainability across organisations of all sizes, guiding them towards net-zero carbon. 

Born from a desire to provide a tangible platform for advice on sustainability, the Partnership views itself as both a creator and facilitator of opportunities for change.

The Sustainability Awards

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