2021 Expo

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, The Big Sustainability Expo announces it's growth with a larger venue, the premiership football ground St. Mary's Southampton. Now one of the UK's leading events dedicated to Corporate Sustainability it hosts exhibitors, keynote speakers, workshops, EV showcase and more.

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Climate Summit

A Platform to enable public and private sector organisations in Hampshire to future-proof their organisations for the effects of climate change through collaboration. The first of the series, its ultimate aim is to support the prosperity of the county.

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Gala & Awards

The annual Gala Dinner & Awards celebrates those suppliers and organisations making a difference in the world of corporate sustainability, environmental management, technology for good and social value.




Education Channel

Tune in to our educational channel with interviews that take you straight to the heart of sustainability projects, products and services.Request your sample Episodes. info@southernsustainability.co.uk

5th Conference

5th annual Conference shines a spotlight on businesses and lessons learnt as they strive to reverse the adverse effects of the pandemic. Providing practical solutions and advice to ensure businesses can build a resilience that will never leave them exposed again.

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New for 2020 your 'go-to' resource in support of corporate sustainability goals.

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Play your part in introducing corporate sustainability by using the services we provide; including workshops, lunchtime sessions for your team or half or full day sessions.

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If you are an expert in the field of corporate sustainability, on any subject, and would like to present to our delegates at any of our event platforms please get in touch.

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We are the Southern Sustainability Partnership, a platform empowering organisations to change.

Our partnership is designed to disrupt a 'business as usual' agenda. Why? Because reducing the environmental footprint of our businesses is among the most important topics of our time. We achieve this, in part, by creating events your business cannot afford to miss...on the topics your business cannot afford to ignore. 

In short, we help future-proof organisations while they help shape the planet - one sustainability project at a time. We also acts as disrupter through consultancy, supplier directory and education channel...in support of both the public and private sector. 

We believe it's only by creating a platform for collaboration, open discussion and sharing of knowledge...matched with an ability to see and touch the solutions available that real change can be made


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