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Discipline: Affordable Intelligent Energy Management

There’s an easier path to Net Zero and eradicating your carbon beast.

As organisations everywhere are tasked with driving towards Net Zero carbon emissions, the question of how to understand where they come from is a pressing issue.

AyMa IoT is dedicated to enabling organisations to solve the associated problems, take the appropriate actions, and facilitate reporting in line with statutory regulations.

Release the hidden value of your energy consumption data…
The emissions created by the activities of a business – from its offices and workforce, travel, production processes, and supply chain – make up the business’s carbon footprint. The Challenge is finding it and measuring it; only then can you control it.

IPSUM is here to help, The IoT-powered, cloud-based, data-driven carbon management and reporting platform for businesses and organisations of any size.

Easily installed for continuous operational improvement…
The ability to trust your data is critical. It is a function of how much you trust your ability to access it, gather it, and interpret it at the right time in the right way. IPSUM gives you these abilities.

 Every day, every business and organisation produces data…
It’s not merely the by-product of your activities; it’s the key to managing them more

 Data is the language that regulators understand.
It proves the size of your carbon footprint. In so doing, it can also prove the size of
fines levied for non-compliance.

 Far deeper than its value as a means of validating your reporting is the beneficial impact that data has on driving better business outcomes.

Pinpoint the problem easily…
AyMa IoT’s cloud-based carbon management platform IPSUM, connects with the Internet of Things (IoT) wherever your organisation energy is consumed. IPSUM tracks and automatically reports on your carbon outputs, in real-time.

IoT sensors installed at your energy use points (electric, gas, water, temperature, and humidity) relay
the data to the cloud. Through a dashboard single view accessible on any connected device, you
then gain provide 360° visibility of what is happening where.

Your carbon usage data becomes readily available, understandable, and actionable; allowing you to
automate ESOS, SECR and ESG compliance reports. Most importantly, the insights allow you to work
towards a net-zero carbon footprint and bid farewell to the Carbon Beast that lurks in your
organisation; the culprit that creates your carbon footprints and degrades the environment.

To place environmental responsibility at the heart of your sustainability strategy
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