Introducing the best from the last Awards night!

Mittal Kothari
EnvoPAP from London

AWARD: Sustainability Thought Leader of the Year

Mittal is Head of Business Development and Strategy for EnvoPAP, the World's first carbon neutral paper and packaging board supplier based in the UK.

Award Presenter:  Adrian Hopper, Owner, Creative Discipline

918 Coffee - Shaftsbury in Dorset
Chanel and Justin Cornelius

AWARD   Sustainable Business of the Year

Established in 2009, 918 Coffee Co have been developing and roasting amazing coffees from around the world for their company, and others, ever since. Growing and adapting to the ever changing coffee scene, they have become leaders in sustainable best practices within the industry.

Award Presenter:  SPONSOR Cheryl Hadland of Tops Day Nurseries and part of the Hadland Care Group

Michael Essex 
Bowman Power Group Limited from Southampton

AWARD   Energy Project or Solution

Their Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) energy recovery technology delivers a step change in efficiency and is compatible with many generators on the market today. Through making generators more energy efficient Bowman Power can cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 4-7%, or generate up to 10% additional power.

Award Presenter:  Steve Mason, Managing Director of Pearce Recycling in Verwood, Dorset.

David Jones
Just One Ocean from Southsea

AWARD   Plastics Reduction

Just One Ocean was founded by David in 2014. Having travelled the world as a diver and underwater photographer, David saw the devastation the human race was having on our environment and oceans in particular. He joined the Plastic Oceans Foundation when it was first formed in 2009, you may have seen the film and was involved in the Blue Planet filming with David Attenborough.

Award Presenter:   SPONSOR   Anita Potten and Lynda Daniels, Directors of The Southern Sustainability Partnership Ltd


Green Eco Technologies from Manchester

AWARD  Waste or Recycling Product or Solution

The WasteMaster conversion process diverts putrescible food waste from landfill, from being flushed into the sewer system or incinerated, helping to reduce the future global burden of greenhouse gas emissions. For every 500kg of food waste loaded into the system, it outputs just 100kg of compost-like residual material which can be used for clean fuel for power generation through anaerobic digestion, and other purposes depending on the feed stock loaded.

Award Presenter:  Trelawney Dampney, Managing Director of Eco Sustainability Partnership in Dorset.

Guy Osmond
Osmond Ergonomics from Ferndown in Dorset

AWARD   Energy Project

Healthy people, healthy thinking, healthy workforce has been at the heart of Osmond Ergonomics for more than 25 years. Bringing the best technology in furniture and office accessories to support an ergonomic office to ensure a healthy workplace. The company also has sustainability at their core, running a highly ethical business to reduce their carbon impact.

Award Presenter:   Air-Site Limited of Poole in Dorset

John Grinnell
Dolphin Shopping Centre from Poole

AWARD    Social Value Solution or Project

Dolphin Shopping Centre is the leading shopping experience in Poole, Dorset which one of the loveliest places to live in the UK. Hosting many of the leading
brands, the General Manager is keen to run an ethical organisation and even hosts an Eco Hub Experience area within the centre which is free for any organisation to use which covers the green agenda and social value.

Award Presenter:  Dawn Witt of Aqua Care in Bournemouth, Dorset

AWARD  Innovative Product or Solution`

EnvoPAP has designed the World's first carbon neutral paper and packaging board, based in the UK.

Award SPONSOR:   Marc Smith, Managing Director of GHS Group in Gosport, Hampshire.



Damers First School

AWARD  Special Education

Damers First School is based in Prince Charles' town Poundbury in Dorset and, in fact, Charles has visited the pupils at the school.  The school is commended for all their efforts to run a more ethical school as well as for the message this provides the children.



Our 2019 Ambassador
GHS Group from Gosport in Hampshire`

Introducing Kerris and Marc Smith of the GHS Group. GHS Group is delighted to introduce the third Gala Dinner & Big Green Awards alongside hosts,
The Southern Sustainability Partnership. GHS Group are former winners of the Business of The Year Award in honour of their work in the mechanical and electrical sector, serving both the commercial and domestic marketplace. The GHS Group is made up 3 companies that include Solved FM, their commercial division, GHS their domestic division and UpgradeMyBoiler which provides finance on new boiler installs. The company is also proud to introduce The GHS Trust, set up to give something back to the community by offering help to those who need it most when their service breaks down or needs replacing. Marc Smith is Managing Director and also an esteemed member of The Green Supplier Hub.


Our 2019 Award Sponsor
Cheryl Hadland 

Tops Day Nurseries, part of the Hadland Care Group, is run by Cheryl Hadland. It is a family of companies operating throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon and Somerset, offering care at every stage with the provision of nursery care for children, vocational training and apprenticeships for learners. Cheryl insists on a strong sustainability strategy across the company and their own journey and actions towards this can be viewed here.



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