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Neil Gaught
Co-Founder - Single Organising Idea

Workshop Topic: The Time for Change is Now

Businesses today face unprecedented challenges. To survive and thrive in the coming decade business leaders are being urged to not only think about their economic sustainability but human, societal and environmental sustainability as well. It's a big call that demands unavoidable change. But it is also a time of immense opportunity for those that recognise that with new ideas come commercial advantages and unexpected rewards. In his workshop author, business advisor and organisational sustainability expert Neil Gaught, will explain not only why businesses need to urgently change, but how transitioning to a sustainable position is not as complicated as it may seem.

Who is Neil Gaught?

Neil is a highly experienced and internationally renowned sustainability advisor, consultant and author who specialises in helping businesses to reorganise around sustainable ideas. He is best known as the conceiver of Single Organising Idea (SOI®), a proven approach to organisational management that ensures purpose is made real for the benefit of all stakeholders. A co-founder of tech company, SOI ( , Neil is also author of CORE (a Business Book of the Year Finalist) and CORE The Playbook. Video footage - 0.56seconds: Changing Business for Good: Lets talk about how

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