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Once again…The Southern Sustainability Partnership is committed to bringing The Big Sustainability Expo to organisations around the UK as a free resource. We do this to ensure there are no financial barriers to attending. No entry fee, free parking, and most of all free workshops in our LearnZone. To this end, we have once again secured leading experts to run our workshops in 2021. So, welcome.


Presented by;

Peter Schofield
GEP Environmental

Peter is GEP Environmental's Principal Environmental Consultant and provides expert environmental consultancy advice and training to a range of public and private sector clients throughout the UK & Ireland. Peter is an experienced consultant with expertise in environmental and energy management systems, compliance and sustainability.

Topic 1

Net Zero

Room: Matthew Le Tissier Suite – 2nd Floor

This workshop focuses on the definition of Net Zero Carbon and what it could mean for your organisation. It includes an introduction to the legislation and drivers around the Climate Emergency, an outline of what introducing a Net Zero Carbon programme to your organisation may include (i.e. Energy Baselines and Carbon Reduction Programmes), and a look into low carbon actions and technologies you could introduce.

10.00am to 11.00am
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14.30am to 15.30am
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Topic 2


Room: Matthew Le Tissier Suite – 2nd Floor (Access via Lift and Stairs)

This workshop will provide an insight into developing and embedding a sustainable business mindset within your organisation, which incorporates environmental, social, and governance issues. It will provide you with an overview of best practices surrounding ESG sustainability, sustainable reporting frameworks, staff engagement, and ideas on how to build upon your existing sustainability programmes.

11.15am to 12.15pm
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Topic 3

Meet the Consultant

Room: Matthew Le Tissier Suite (Access via Lift and Stairs)

Take advantage of one-to-one time with one of the UK’s leading experts working with organisations in support of their corporate sustainability, ISO 14001 and energy management.

12.30pm to 13.30pm
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Dominic Tantram


Presented by;

Dr. Dominic Tantrum
Terrafiniti LLP

Unlike many sustainability/CSR consultants Dominic has helped people identify the real social and environmental issues they need to tackle to reduce risk and build business value.
His approach is based upon tackling issues at their root, not treating the symptoms. Dominic has worked with sustainability managers, managing directors, CEOs, technical and operational staff and many others to cut through the complexity of sustainability and build realistic and tangible actions.

Topic 1

Sustainability Strategy – Moving beyond best practice

Room: Aspire Lounge – 2nd Floor (Access via Lift and Stairs)

Your organisation has no doubt made some important progress in sustainability. Maybe acting on energy, waste, or employee engagement. Perhaps you’ve already made firm carbon or climate commitments? But now you’re ready for the next step. You want to (or are being asked to) go further, integrate your approach, and make sure you’re not missing something crucial from your areas of focus. Come to this workshop if you want to start making meaningful sustainability changes in your business to move beyond simply doing less badly and move on to building social value and long-term resilience.

In Terrafiniti’s fun and informative 45-minute workshop you will:

Explore the key components to an effective and ambitious sustainable business strategy
Understand what’s essential in order to gain business value
Learn where many organisations go wrong.

14.00pm to 14.45pm
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Topic 2

Sustainability Strategy – Key Challenges to Implementation

Room: Aspire Lounge – 2nd Floor (Access via Lift and Stairs)

Developing a sustainable business plan/strategy is just the first step.
Many organisations fail to meet their targets because they struggle with implementation.
You might have the right vision, ambition, goals, and plans but still struggle to embed new priorities into everyday business.
Drawing directly from Terrafiniti’s experience of developing and (crucially) implementing successful strategies with companies and NGOs in the UK and worldwide, this 45-minute workshop will:

Identify some of the key challenges business leaders face in turning their plans into practice,
Identify why such challenges arise, and;
Explore solutions and tactics for achieving successful implementation.

15.00pm to 15.45pm
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Presented by;

Alan Hannay MWMSoc(Snr)

A brief Bio:
Alan is credited for the development of several innovative management systems for controlling water and air quality. Renowned as a leading expert, particularly in the field of legionellosis and pseudomonas control, Alan was invited to provide specialist technical advice to the Health and Safety Executive on preparing their Approved Code of Practice L8 / HSG274 for the control of legionella bacteria in water systems. He has also provided technical advice on other industry standards and publications including specialist consultancy to the NHS and their 'Institute for Innovations and Improvement' to evaluate new technologies for controlling bacteriological risk within NHS Estates. Alan's international expertise includes: Petrochemical, Leisure, Local Authority, Education, Healthcare (NHS), Pharmaceuticals, Food Production, Marine, Engineering and Manufacturing. He has nearly 30 years experience in building services design, installation, water treatment, air treatment, water and air quality and remedial work.

Topic 1

Workplace Legionnaires’ Disease, Covid and Global Sustainability

Room: Aspire Lounge

The course will cover:

Alan is the co-founder and director of Amphibia - Water and Air Quality Experts. A multi-award winning British company founded in 1997, with clients across 17 countries / 6 continents
Alans dynamic presentation will explain why controlling the risk off Legionnaires’ disease is a statutory requirement for all workplace buildings across the U.K. He explains when legionnaires’ disease was first discovered, why the HSE consider it such a high risk in workplace water systems and the penalties in the U.K. for failing to comply with the law.
Alan’s presentation will also look at fascinating similarities between Covid and legionella bacteria, and outcome. Finally, Alan will evaluate innovations that help eradicate microorganisms in water systems yet have a positive impact on sustainability.

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10.00pm to 11.00pm
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11.30am to 12.30pm Book

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Presented by;

John MacMillan
Founder and CEO
AyMa IoT

Room: The Boardroom (2nd Floor)


AyMa IoT’s Carbon and Energy Management platform, IPSUM enables organisations to monitor carbon and energy-use points through IoT connected sensors. IPSUM delivers real-time visibility of the energy usage status and optimum attainable levels of energy usage across all the operations of a business. It provides organisations with a software dashboard allowing for automated ESOS/SECR Carbon reporting and most importantly work towards a net-zero carbon footprint whilst adhering to GHG Protocol Scopes.

Topic 1

The importance of real-time accurate data in tracking your Carbon Footprint

AyMa IoT will advise organisations on how to gain real-time visibility to their energy and carbon data whilst reducing overall costs and complying with new reporting regulations. AyMa’s software platform, IPSUM, enables organisations to connect global assets under one platform, to benefit from 360° visibility across their estate whilst pinpointing anomalies and action areas as and when they arise.

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13.30pm to 14.30pm
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Presented by;

Susan Elliott - UK Network Senior Manager for the South East
British Business Bank

With ETF Partners

Room: Press Lounge (1st Floor)

Susan Elliott is an experienced commercial professional working with British Business Bank delivery partners and intermediaries to help SMEs plan for and access finance for growth. Knowledge gained from private sector consulting, strategic advice for scale ups, managing public sector business support contracts and through partnerships with sources of finance for SMEs.

Topic 1

Investing in sustainability: Why seek investment from specialist sustainable funds?

Join this interactive session to discuss how we can all work towards a future where profit and purpose are connected.
Join the British Business Bank and ETF Partners to:

Hear how the British Business Bank, through its commercial subsidiary British Patient Capital, invests in best-in-class venture and growth capital funds to finance the growth of innovative companies
Learn more about investment in sustainable innovation from ETF Partners, a venture capital firm that has been investing to make a positive impact since 2006

Discuss with your business peers the need for well-funded innovation that revolutionises the path towards a sustainable future
Understand how best to choose an investor through an alignment of values

Hosting the session will be Susan Elliott, Senior Manager at the British Business Bank. Joining Susan will be Lucy Rands, Investment Manager at ETF Partners, who will share her knowledge and expertise about investment in sustainable innovation and technology.

Round Table - Topic 1

Session 1: 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm
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Round Table - Topic 1

Session 2: 15.00 pm to 16.00 pm
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Presented by
Daniel Bede O’Connor - Head of Customer Happiness at Warp It

Room: Press Lounge (1st Floor)

Daniel launched Warp It in 2013. While working in the waste management sector, Daniel saw too many perfectly good items being thrown away. It is too challenging for busy staff to find a new home for surplus items, quickly and easily. Warp It started off in 2005 as a freecycle-style email ring. This proved popular, but there were some major drawbacks. Legal obligations were not dealt with sufficiently. The new owner of the item could not be screened and checked. We also found Emails to be clumsy, annoying, time consuming and cannot be tracked. This meant the whole process was time consuming for the users, which reduced participation and useable resources were also still going into the bin! In early 2012 they decided to break it all down and ask a few questions. What worked? What didn't work? What features would keep staff coming back to use the service? What do Facebook, eBay and Amazon do? What were the barriers to reuse in organisations and how can we bridge the barriers? How can we make it easier for the 3rd sector to access corporate resources without legal risk?

Topic 1

Topic: The Skills Every Sustainability Manager Needs Right Now

Being a Sustainability Manager is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle and a mentality. Do you find it sometimes doesn't even feel like work because you are so absorbed in this mission?
Those who are most successful in this position are the people who understand that delivering sustainability is a part of their character and not just a means of getting paid. The most successful also understand they cannot do it alone, that sustainability is achieved via collaboration. Which subsequently means collaborative skills are top of the list. In the past being successful has also been about the long game and waiting for the planets to align...but this has to change.

Session 1: 10.00 am to 11.00 am

Room: Aspire Lounge

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Presented by
David Thornton - Owner at EV Express

Room: The Boardroom (2nd Floor)

EV Express offers a holistic service, helping individuals and businesses to discover all that is needed to know about transitioning to electric vehicles and becoming EV ready.
Working with our sector partners, EV Express advise on vehicle leasing, EV charging, and grant funding. They are able to help customers to acquire vehicles quickly and install charge points within a few days of carrying out a site survey. We support businesses in exploring grant funding opportunities and help to the craft the narrative in the funding application process.
They can also help to explain how other renewables, such as solar, connect to EVs.

Topic 1

Topic: How to Transition your Business to Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a fantastic cost-saving tool for your business. And one that feeds into your corporate sustainability policy. However, it also turns everything you knew about running a fleet, or a single vehicle, on its head! That is where this workshop comes in. It will deal with the facts, the myths, where we are in the UK with infrastructure and all from a company with no bias towards a particular vehicle type, make, model. Where do you start? You start here. To take that next step you need to feel confident in your knowledge, not on the back foot when it comes to talking to the experts in a showroom. What funding is available, we are guessing would be high up on your agenda too.

Workshop - Topic 1

Session 1: 12.30 pm pm to 13.30 pm
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Workshops are delivered free of charge by leading professionals from across the UK. They are, therefore, extremely popular with places Limited...Book yours now for 2021 to avoid disappointment!