We are delighted to introduce our growing community of Sustainability Champions

Each of these organisations have pledged to support the efforts of businesses as they navigate their own corporate sustainability strategies. Helping to catapalt projects which lead to carbon reduction that will only serve to help our planet.

JBX PaperPak

JBX PaperPak is an Irish manufacturer of sustainable paper-based alternatives to single-use plastic products. Based in Dublin, they work tirelessly to combat the growing problem of plastic pollution; they do so by offering our ISO certified, 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and plastic free products to our growing client base in Ireland and the UK. Ending our reliance on single-use plastics will be a crucial front in the fight against climate change; their mission at JBX is to make the transition over to sustainable alternatives as easy as possible for businesses and retail customers alike.

Website Address: www.jbxpaperpak.com


WasteTrade is a new online marketplace platform for the waste industry; they bring suppliers and processors together in a supportive virtual environment where they can compare potential sales in one convenient location. WasteTrade have partnered with ThinkCarbon, an artificial intelligence tool, to provide an analysis of the carbon footprint of any deal before it is agreed. Informing the industry of the emissions their actions would produce empowers them to make more carbon-efficient decisions. WasteTrade guide their users through the process step by step, offering support with all compliance issues, to make the experience as smooth as possible

Website Address: https://www.wastetrade.com


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