We are delighted to introduce our growing community of Sustainability Champions

Each of these organisations have pledged to support the efforts of businesses as they navigate their own corporate sustainability strategies. Helping to catapult projects which lead to carbon reduction that will only serve to help our planet.

JBX PaperPak

JBX PaperPak is an Irish manufacturer of sustainable paper-based alternatives to single-use plastic products. Based in Dublin, they work tirelessly to combat the growing problem of plastic pollution; they do so by offering our ISO certified, 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and plastic free products to our growing client base in Ireland and the UK. Ending our reliance on single-use plastics will be a crucial front in the fight against climate change; their mission at JBX is to make the transition over to sustainable alternatives as easy as possible for businesses and retail customers alike.

Website Address: www.jbxpaperpak.com


WasteTrade is a new online marketplace platform for the waste industry; they bring suppliers and processors together in a supportive virtual environment where they can compare potential sales in one convenient location. WasteTrade have partnered with ThinkCarbon, an artificial intelligence tool, to provide an analysis of the carbon footprint of any deal before it is agreed. Informing the industry of the emissions their actions would produce empowers them to make more carbon-efficient decisions. WasteTrade guide their users through the process step by step, offering support with all compliance issues, to make the experience as smooth as possible

Website Address: https://www.wastetrade.com


measurable.energy automatically identifies and eliminates wasted energy from buildings, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and electricity bills. We do this by targeting plug sockets and all the devices that are plugged in. Plug sockets account for as much as 40% of a total building's energy use and half is completely wasted energy from devices left on. The m.e Platform uses secure machine learning enabled, hardware and software to automatically monitor in real-time and control sockets remotely. Using Machine Learning we can detect what devices are plugged in, and whether they are on/off or on standby. Combining this information with basic occupancy allows the Platform to identify wasted energy and turn those sockets off.

The system can also detect power anomalies, unusual activity and prevent key devices from drawing power. This provides a powerful preventative maintenance platform for protecting devices and electrical infrastructure. The Platform can also integrate into the National Gird’s Demand Side Response functionality. This allows users to take payments for turning devices on/off during periods of low/peak electricity demand periods. The impact indicator lights on each socket provide a live visualisation of the carbon intensity of the energy being currently generated on the grid. When the light is green the mix on the grid is more renewable, when the light is red the mix is more fossil fuel dependant. This allows users to make a choice. Do I need to charge my device right now or can I wait until the carbon intensity is lower?


Warrior Agency

Warrior Agency offers PR, social media, influencer, events management services, copywriting, and more to ethical clients. As well as connecting ethical brands to their audiences, Warrior also helps businesses transition to a more sustainable future with our Green Consultancy service. We deliver Green Audits to businesses reducing their environmental impact, gaining accreditations, and providing Project Management & Environmental Management services.


GreenTech South

GreenTech South

Greentech South (GTS) is the UK's first ESCA accredited cleantech network. Since 2014 GTS have been helping business transform their innovative, low carbon ideas into commercialised products and services, and decarbonising their business operations - stimulating sustainable economic growth and creating job opportunities in the green economy. We work with higher education institutions, businesses and public bodies to support collaboration on innovation and research and to capitalise on the world class research in the Solent region. We will be joined by some innovative businesses at the Big Sustainability Expo to showcase what can be achieved by collaborating with support organisations such as Greentech South.


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