Big Sustainability Awards Winner 2021

Stand No. 77, Kingsland Suite

Pearce Recycling     
Winner of a Big Sustainability Award 2021

Stand No. 63, Kingsland Suite
Outdoor Equipment Stand

ABC Heat Pumps

Stand No. 60 - Kingsland Suite

Stanbury Chameleon
SPONSORS of the 2022 Show Guide
Stand 79

Test Valley Packaging
Stand 78

Apollo Chargers
Stand TBC

Appolo Chargers are an electric vehicle charging point specialists, installing points across the country for commercial marketplace and across the South of England on a domestic level. They also offer OZEV, WDS, pay-to-charge, service and maintenance and leasing options.

Stand 85

GEP Environmental
Stand 101

GEP Environmental are leading providers of environmental and low carbon & energy efficiency design and advisory services to clients across the United Kingdom & Ireland. We support organisations to identify, implement and maintain environmental, energy, low carbon and training solutions. Our highly qualified project teams consist of environmental consultants, energy & project engineers and trainers with expertise in carbon management, ISO management systems, sustainable resource and waste management, energy efficiency, building surveying, low carbon building design and renewables.

Stand 49

Zenergi's aim is to make a positive difference in the world of energy and the environment, in a manner that is simple, sustainable, and achievable. Whatever level of service you need, Zenergi has the knowledge, technical, and engineering experience to help you. They recognise that now, more than ever, we must come together to reverse the effects of climate change and combat global warming. That is why, at Zenergi, sustainability is key. Their award-winning tailored services aim to take the complexity out of managing utilities. From OJEU-compliant gas, electricity, and water procurement, to bill validation, compliance, energy-efficiency projects, and renewable generation, they are available to help support your organisation’s journey towards better, brighter, and more sustainable energy.

iDac Solutions Ltd
Stand 48

iDAC Solutions Ltd is a local technology partner for smart building transformation. They will help you create a healthier workplace that is more energy-efficient, more productive, and more profitable. Meeting sustainability goals can be challenging, but by using their economical, retro-fit solutions, it’s simple to make your existing premises greener and improve the well-being of your staff.
Whether you are looking to install Electric Vehicle chargers, improve the air quality in your building, or automate your utilities to save energy – iDACS can help you through every stage of your project. Their exceptional service spans 40 years of experience, and local installation services will make sure everything runs smoothly.

Zero Waste Technologies
Stand 82

Zero Waste Technologies ORCA technology simply mimics a natural digestion process. It works using the same principles that our body and other living organisms are governed by. Their ORCA creates the perfect thermophilic biological environment for the microorganisms to digest food waste into a liquid. ORCA is a hyperlocal, distributed alternative to the traditional truck and bin collection system. They deliver significant savings because they are able to eliminate trucking from the process while significantly reducing the harmful emissions that come with truck traffic.

Aqua Superpower
Stand 106

Aqua Superpower mission is to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment through the development of an all-electric and integrated global ecosystem of marine superchargers. They fully fund the installation, undertake compatibility testing as new models of boats come to market and provide an app and RFID card for access and provide 24/7 customer-care. There are no costs to the marina, they simply ask for a mutually acceptable area to install our marinised chargers. In addition to building a network of charging stations, Aqua Superpower also work with boat builders and propulsion system manufacturers to ensure their infrastructure meets their needs.

Warrior Agency
Stand 87

Warrior Agency offers PR, social media, influencer, events management services, copywriting, and more to ethical clients. As well as connecting ethical brands to their audiences, Warrior also helps businesses transition to a more sustainable future with our Green Consultancy service. We deliver Green Audits to businesses reducing their environmental impact, gaining accreditations, and providing Project Management & Environmental Management services.

Any Green Will Do
Stand 16

A healthier World starts at home. I make it as easy as possible to try eco-products - How? Well, I have created (currently) 9 sample boxes, all of which contain 8-10 samples of different products I sell. So for £12 you can try samples of products and see whether you like them, the smell, they do what you want them to do, etc. If you don't like them, you've not wasted money, if you do fantastic, you know where to find the full-size product!

GHS Group
Stand 42

What’s different about GHS is whilst they realise there is a lot of old and tired equipment being used out there and to some people maintaining it may not make sense, but we then have the expense of exposing of it, the cost of new equipment when that product may still be serviceable. GHS approach to the maintenance and service schedules instead of following the traditional route our software and monitoring system will monitor the equipment and send us updates when the equipment runs inefficiently so for example: A normal building would have 4 services a year on its air conditioning but it may only require 3 services due to its usage etc this is saving you on the 4th service and saving Fuel, cost, man hours, disruption. GHS run things more efficiently making the world Greener and making a difference to a dirty Industry. Services include, heating, cooling, plumbing, ventilation and electrical.

Skylark Spirits
Stand TBC

Skylark Spirits work with a Rum manufacture in Canada to bring a fine Rum to the UK market. The Rum is manufactured by a B-Corporation business, making it one of the most sustainable alcohol manufacturing processes in the world.

RDM Group
Stand TBC

Co-Event OUTDOOR ARENA: Big Green Wheels

Airports, city centres, sporting stadiums and other transportation initiatives are all actively moving forward with the application of autonomous transport. RDM Group autonomous pods are playing a significant role in the future development of transport systems within smart cities, eco towns and villages. AUTO-POD® will make it easier to transport people and cargo efficiently around destinations within cities and towns.


Co-Event OUTDOOR ARENA: Big Green Wheels 2022

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Designed and built as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, Model 3 is a critical step in that mission. Model 3 combines industry-leading powertrain efficiency, aerodynamics, and chassis technology to deliver the longest range of any comparable electric saloon. Model 3’s powertrain technology has been designed for ultra-high endurance, and Tesla has proven its technology over more than 10 billion miles of real-world driving across a global fleet of vehicles. Other Tesla's vehicles on the day? Watch this space.

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