Reduce your Carbon Impact...The Results are as Remarkable as they are Measurable!

7th year of The Big Sustainability Expo

We are one of the UK's leading events dedicated to Corporate Sustainability and the drive to net-zero carbon. Exhibitors and delegates alike travel from across the UK to take part. Each year we deliver a well-rounded experience for our delegates, featuring a diversity of products, technologies, services, projects and expertise making their mark today. Covering as many elements of sustainability as we can deliver, in any given year.

This one-day event puts you in front of the products, services, innovation, solutions, experts and industry bodies available today to help to reduce the carbon impact of your organisation.

The results of a carbon reduction strategy are both measurable and remarkable.

That's why so many organisations are hungry for new solutions and expertise. That's where we come in.

Get up to speed...stay informed.

Start taking real action so that you too can begin to enjoy those benefits and see the results from your next project.

Hear from those who are actually making changes.

Learn from your peers.

Expo Content

The essence of the Expo has always been to create a well-rounded look at corporate sustainability and the products, services, technologies and experts making their mark today. To that end, we work hard to include as many different solutions, covering as many different disciplines as possible...To include: Energy management, waste management, recycling, water management, chemical free, odour control, cleaning, ethical finance, bio-degradeable, sustainable clothing, compacting and baling, EV & hybrid transportation, solar energy, renewables, air-source heating, printing, print management, battery storage, vehicle charging, building services, training, ISO 14001, ESOS, ISO 50001, food waste, LED lighting, ethical promotion, eco shopping, electrical and mechanical, ethical catering, ethical catering supplies, fire extinguishers, health & safety, green office supplies, organisations, associations, industry media. Carbon management, Carbon Reporting. Carbon reduction. Carbon Offsetting.

New content building every day!

Keynote Speaker Theatre

We are currently building our 2022 speaker lineup
Featuring hot topics, sustainability projects and key associations. To take a look at our current announcements, do please visit HERE - For an early alert of speakers as they are announced, please contact us via

2022 Workshops

Each year we deliver a Workshop Programme
To support our ethos of education first. Workshops enable our delegates to get up to speed which, in turn, provides them with the confidence to move forward with their own sustainability projects. To take a look at our workshop programme, so far, click HERE.

NEW...Co-Event for 2022

Big Green Wheels is back!
A clean transport focus featuring the solutions available in 2022, with the ability to test them out too! Whether you are purchasing one vehicle for your business, or an entire fleet, that decision has changed. What solutions are available? What are the benefits, beyond reducing your carbon footprint? What are the cost savings for the business? For your team? Ask those questions, see the solutions for yourself and test them out....without stepping foot over the threshold of showroom after showroom. Big Green Wheels will feature many of your much-loved brands, as well as driverless vehicles, bikes and more. Alongside the products that help make them happen such as vehicle charging, renewables and more.

Move around the Expo Comfortably...and...Swiftly!

Always ready to make things easier for our delegates, we are ready to comfortably and swiftly move you from one element of the event, to another. Turning a 3-minute walk, between the show floor to the speaker theatre, into a 1-minute ride without adding to your carbon footprint.

Before Doors Open...Networking Breakfast

Hit the ground running
We are delighted to announce that our 2022 Expo Networking Breakfast will be run by the regions leading networking group - The Boardroom Network. The Boardroom Network Business Club first launched in Bournemouth, Dorset in 2003 specifically designed, managed and facilitated for Business Owners, Professionals, Senior Managers, Decision-makers and Entrepreneurs in the local business. In 2016 the network also opened in Hampshire and continues to be well-attended and highly respected. To book contact us via

NEW...Exhibitor Networking Breakfast

Our Exhibitors often work together
And, before the doors open is the ideal time to forge those relationships and re-fuel before meeting our incredible delegates ready to come through the doors on the day. To book contact us via

Your 2022 Expo is still very much in development

We will have more to share with you shortly.

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We look forward to welcoming you!