The Benefits of a Sustainability Strategy are as Remarkable as they are Measurable

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-Over 100 different Exhibitors are ready to meet you.
-Experts, Products, Technologies, Solutions, Innovations making their mark today.
-2 Keynote Speaker Theatres.
-Keynote Speaker Theatre 1 = Presenter from the Insitute of Environmental Management and Assessment - IEMA.
-A4 Expo Magazine packed with information - A vital free resource to use throughout the year till the 2023 Expo.
-Digital Show Magazine to use on the day share with colleagues and like-minded professionals.
-Sustainable Travel Plan to help plan your day.
-Event Hotel discounts for overnight stays.
-FREE co-event - Clean Transport Showcase Big Green Wheels 2022
-Networking Coffee Lounge
Optional Pre-show Networking Breakfast

A packed topic lineup!

Energy procurement, energy management, energy reduction, waste management, food waste, recycling, plastic reduction, water management, chemical free solutions, cleaning, ethical finance, bio-degradable, sustainable clothing, compacting and baling, electric vehicles, electric bikes, clean air transportation, vehicle charging, solar energy, renewable energy, air-source heating, printing, print management, solar battery storage, green building services, training, ISO 14001, ESOS, ISO 50001, food waste, LED lighting, ethical marketing, eco shopping, health and safety, electrical and mechanical, ethical catering, ethical catering supplies, sustainable food and drink production, eco fire extinguishers, IT, green office supplies, environmental organisations, environmental associations, wildlife conservation, marine conservation, business support groups, carbon management, carbon reporting, carbon reduction. carbon Offsetting. Waterless urinals.

With new content building daily.
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Matched with our Packed Speaker Lineup

Alan Darby- IEMA - Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
Steve Szalay - Southampton Airport
Richard Brenner - YUGO Student Accommodation
Alan Holm - EY
Guy Osmond - Osmond Ergonomics
Caroline Carlin - Southampton Football Club
Michael Inpong - Sports & Brands Consulting
Leah Mathias-Collins - Vitacress Limited
Sanjay Lobo (MBE) - onHand
Jamie Hall - Zenergi
James Ford - Solent LEP
Bryte Energy
BDB Pitman
Steve Whettingsteel - Krysteline
Climax Communnity
Dr. Paul Wright - MLA College
Michael Amos. - Waste to Wonder
Neil Robson - Renewed Store

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Consider Travelling here more Sustainably

Thank you to My Journey Southampton, find out more HERE

Move around Expo Comfortably and Swiftly - Hop on a Cargo Bike!

Always ready to make things easier for our delegates, we are ready to comfortably and swiftly move you from one element of the event, to another. Turning a few-minutes walk, between the show floor to the speaker theatre, into a 1-minute ride without adding to your carbon footprint.

Network with your Peers even before Doors open...Networking Breakfast

Hit the ground running
We are delighted to announce that our 2022 Expo Networking Breakfast will be run by the regions leading networking group - The Boardroom Network. The Boardroom Network Business Club first launched in Bournemouth, Dorset in 2003 specifically designed, managed and facilitated for Business Owners, Professionals, Senior Managers, Decision-makers and Entrepreneurs in the local business. In 2016 the network also opened in Hampshire and continues to be well-attended and highly respected. To book visit

Even more Value NEW Co-Event in 2022

Big Green Wheels - Back for 2022!
A clean transport focus featuring the solutions available in 2022, with the ability to test them out too! Whether you are purchasing one vehicle for your business, or an entire fleet, that decision has changed. What solutions are available? What are the financial business benefits? What are the cost savings? Salary sacrifice? How to bring your team on board team? Ask those questions, see the solutions for yourself and test them out. Featuring much-loved brands, driverless vehicle, bikes, scooters and cargo bikes.

REGISTER HERE By REGISTERING to join the Expo today ... You will have free, automatic access to this event too!

Supporting our Local Authorities: Collaboration Forum

Join the 2022 Local Authority Collaboration Event alongside the The Big Sustainability Expo.

We understand our Local Authorities play a vital role in the reduction of the environmental impact of our cities, towns, villages and rural areas. Facing many unique challenges. This event is designed to create a platform for collaboration, where these unique issues can be aired and shared with those that also face them. Join us and benefit from this support.

Find out more HERE


Book your Ticket for the Big Sustainability Awards 2022

Is your business or public organisation working hard to make a difference? Completing project after project, or offering guidance on the reduction of the environmental footprint of others? Or, are you passionate about supporting organisation’s that are playing their part in helping the planet? Or, you work in the sector and would like to meet like-minded professionals? Yes? Then it’s time that you stood out from the crowd by attending this years Big Sustainability Awards. And, if you are doing an awesome job, we truly want to see you rewarded for doing so.

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Not forgetting our amazing Exhibitors - Your own Networking Breakfast

Our Exhibitors often join forces to gain new business or buy from each other
Before doors open is an ideal time to forge those relationships and re-fuel before meeting our delegates when they come through the door from 9.30 am to meet you on the day. BOOK HERE

We are also facilitating our annual Exhibitor Networking Meeting again on the 19th August between 9.30 and 12.30 pm at St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton. It's time to book your stand and join in.