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Communicating Sustainability - Wightlink WINNER!

Well done and much-deserved!

We’ve been carrying people across the Solent for over 160 years now and things have changed a lot in that time. Bigger ferries, more passengers, quicker crossing times – the list goes on. But some things remain the same, not least our dedication to providing the best service possible and our passion for the Isle of Wight. That’s why we have more ferries on more routes running more often than any other cross-Solent service and that’s why we love what we do.

Communicating Sustainability - WP Group

Headquartered in central Southampton, WP Group was established in 1963 (Solent Petroleum) and is an innovative fuels distribution company with market-leading expertise, national coverage and global awareness. In collaboration with key suppliers, the WP Group and Airport Energy Services teams provide our customers with the very highest levels of customer service and professionalism, renewable fuel alternatives, market updates and the latest technology solutions. Challenging the norm, we provide bespoke fuel management solutions, identify new ways of working and improve operational efficiencies by utilising our insights, innovations and experience to build trusted and sustainable partnerships.

Communicating Sustainability - Efeca

Efeca provides specialised advice on responsible sourcing, sustainable trade and use of agricultural and forest commodities. A Tropical Forest Alliance partner, World Economic Forum preferred supplier, a UN Global Compact signatory and Accountability Framework initiative coalition member, our team of technical experts has worked with a wide range of clients across public, private, finance and civil society sectors. Efeca has accumulated broad experience working in over 30 countries, across agricultural and forest risk commodities including palm oil, soya, timber, pulp and paper, beef and leather (cattle), sugar, coffee, cocoa and rubber.

Communicating Sustainability - Futerra

Futerra is an international sustainability strategy and creative agency with offices in London, New York and Stockholm. Founded in 2001, the company specialises in branding, strategy, behaviour change and consumer campaigns in the field of sustainability. Futerra is mission-first, mission-owned and mission-led. That means we’ve evolved to become what the mission has demanded us to be. So today, Futerra is a change agency, a product incubator, and a training academy. Our mission is written into the Change Agency shareholders agreement – we consider ourselves to be 'mission owned'. The owners of our Change Agency do not take dividends, instead, a percentage of our profit is shared equally between all staff.​ Futerra works across continents and cultures to deliver sustainable development solutions that help make the world a fairer, safer and more sustainable space for all. For over 20 years, Futerra has only worked on sustainable development. We have never knowingly accepted a client brief, funding or partnership that does not serve social justice or environmental protection. We set our full-scope Net Zero target in 2019 and we are also ‘legacy climate neutral’ by compensating for all our emissions since our founding in 2001 through nature-based-solutions with Restore the Earth Foundation.

Bold Move - Gratitude Global WINNER!

Well done and much-deserved!

Gratitude allows you to receive cashback from online gaming invested into a personal sustainable investment fund. With the added benefit of helping protect our planet by having a portion of your cashback donated to environmental and conservation organisations.

Bold Move - Electrik Cars Ltd

Electrik Cars Ltd. provides carbon free transport for Southampton and the South of England. In nearly 6 years we have saved over 200,000 tons of CO2 entering our atmosphere. We are “Saving the Planet One Ride at a Time.” Our Tesla cars are comfortable and quiet. Relax in silence or enjoy your favourite music. We cater to busy executives, brides to be, couples on a grand night out, and cruise passengers. Finding ways to help our planet and our climate is a challenge for everyone and every business. Electrik Cars Ltd. is here to help you lower your carbon footprint.

Bold Move - JBX PaperPak

JBX PaperPak is an Irish manufacturer of sustainable paper-based alternatives to single-use plastic products. Based in Dublin, they work tirelessly to combat the growing problem of plastic pollution; they do so by offering our ISO certified, 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and plastic free products to our growing client base in Ireland and the UK. Ending our reliance on single-use plastics will be a crucial front in the fight against climate change; their mission at JBX is to make the transition over to sustainable alternatives as easy as possible for businesses and retail customers alike.

Bold Move - Cyd Connects

We named our business Cyd after a trailblazing woman, who was courageous and transformational in a time when women weren't allowed to take the lead. It's our way of honouring the women who came before us, who stepped up and connected with each other to pave the way for the next generations. Cyd is part of who we are, she sits at our table and inspires us every day to speak up and be the change.

Net Zero - Earthly Biochar WINNER!

Well done and much-deserved!

Earthly Biochar are UK biochar suppliers, committed to combating climate change through making high-performance, sustainable products accessible at affordable prices. Since we began in 2018, we’ve been starting conversations about a powerful soil amendment which has, until recently, been somewhat overlooked by science and horticulture. To date we’ve helped hundreds of domestic gardeners and land managers to make the transition from using harmful chemical products in their soil to investing in more effective, long-term solutions friendly to both plants and the planet.

Net Zero - Resilience

Navigating risk to engender more sustainable business models is at the heart of what we do at Risilience. Our technology; Enterprise Risilience™ and Climate Risilience™, is founded on over a decade of influential frameworks pioneered by the Centre of Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. At Risilience we put the power of risk science in the hands of global enterprises; translating data into actionable insights that enable companies to identify opportunities, future-proof business strategy and protect investor interests. The multidisciplinary Risilience team sits at the cross section of academia, corporate risk management and sustainability, and, powered by our technology, delivers a complete picture to enable major global enterprises to mitigate the financial impact of tomorrow, while taking advantage of the opportunities today.

Net Zero - NHS Hillingdon Hospital

Hillingdon Hospital is an acute and specialist services provider in North West London, close to Heathrow Airport for which we are the nearest hospital for those receiving emergency treatment. Providing the majority of services from the Trust, Hillingdon Hospital is the only acute hospital in Hillingdon with a busy Accident and Emergency, inpatients, day surgery, and outpatient clinics. The Trust also provides some services at Mount Vernon Hospital, in co-operation with the East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

Net Zero - Friends of Rush Common (FORC)

Friends of Rush Common (FORC) is a charity run by parent volunteers raising money to provide additional equipment and facilities that support and enhance school life for each child. The school encourages the children to have as many different experiences as possible. This can be through play as well as more traditional learning. This academic year, Friends of Rush Common is raising money to fund some interactive smart screens which will allow a greater flexibility of approach to teaching, efficiency, and pace of learning. Teachers can swiftly move through content in an interactive and engaging way and pupils can use the interactive functionality of the screens. Each year the group organises two school discos for the children; a Christmas Bazaar and a Summer Fete along with other events for the whole family including a Bingo Night. Money raised has also paid for all pupils to see a Pantomine, a brand new trim trail to be used by all children (installation date TBC), maths resources, and new books for the school library. It is a fun group to be a part of and a great way to meet other parents from the school and find out more about school life. If you would like to find out more about the Friends of Rush Common, contact either of the joint FORC Chairs, Emma Jackman and Neha Mistry, at: or come along to a Friday coffee morning (in the BASC building).

Waste - Renewed Store WINNER!

Well done and much-deserved!

Renewed is the new name for Hardware Associates. Since 1997 Hardware Associates have been helping businesses solve their IT challenges to renew or replace their technology. Our purpose is to ensure technology is used and performs across the whole of its liefetime to maximise its value and to make IT more sustainable. We hold a huge stock of PCs, Macs, laptops and tablets and we continuously update our stock levels of discontinued and approved parts for a variety of technologies, devices and brands.

Waste - WasteTrade

WasteTrade is a pioneering new online marketplace that connects the producers, recyclers and manufacturers of waste material globally. On the WasteTrade platform you can browse our live material listings and filter by preferences, whether that’s location, quantity, volume or to find a specific grade of material or recycled product. WasteTrade’s innovative features will calculate shipping costs, compliance, documents, exchange rates and carbon footprint all at the click of a button. WasteTrade has partnered with the artificial intelligence tool ThinkCarbon to provide carbon footprint analysis of any proposed deals prior to agreement and to allow for informed and carbon-efficient decision making.

Waste - The Appliance Recycling Group

While there are some fantastic recycling plants in the UK, waste material does not get there by chance. The Appliance Recycling Group and brands aim to make the reuse and recycling accessible. Our service ensure that the customer experience is protected, that we shield clients from the industrious nature of the recycling process; this enhances service levels and protects reuse! Furthermore, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we do not only reuse from waste appliances, but our supply chain is accredited to both WEEELABEX and Carbon Neutral standards! we currently need offsets to balance this position, but this will not be the case forever. Our team are working tirelessly to reduce emissions and increase quality, on the path to net zero. WEEE are proud to be Carbon Neutral, equally, WEEE are proud to be an approved WEEELABEX operator!

Carbon & Energy Reduction - WINNER!

Well done and much-deserved!

At, we help reduce GHG emissions and energy costs to any business that has devices plugged into plug sockets. We achieve this by combining our unique smart sockets with machine learning and software. This allows us to automatically identify the devices plugged in, monitor their energy use, report granular real-time data and automatically turn individual or groups of sockets on/off. In addition, the sockets use light to indicate the live carbon intensity of the energy being used at a time. This drives impactful behavioural change as occupants opt to wait for ‘greener’ energy supply.

Carbon & Energy Reduction - Salvis Group

Salvis is a full-service energy management and building services engineering specialist. We consult on new-build, refurbishment and energy efficiency projects across public and private sectors. We bring a comprehensive approach to energy management and engineering solutions through enhanced data analytics, and detailed and innovative design. In the complex world of energy, Salvis stands apart from others by combining energy management with technical design to tailor solutions to reduce building energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our designs and strategies create sustainable environments that are efficient and effective - enhancing the health and wellbeing of building users.

Carbon & Energy Reduction - Zenergi

Zenergi is an energy and environmental consultancy aiming to make a positive difference in the world of energy in a manner that is simple, sustainable and achievable. Zenergi is proud to have launched its social value strategy, Powering a Sustainable Future, an ambitious plan that confirms the group’s numerous commitments to helping reduce its impact on the planet and tackling some of the largest challenges facing humanity. Zenergi’s long-term ambition for the future of energy is to help customers reach their vision of energy freedom, and to invest in building a future that supports those organisations through the transition to net zero. From gas, electricity, and water procurement, to bill validation, compliance, energy-efficiency projects, and renewable generation, we are here to help support your organisation’s journey towards better, brighter, and more sustainable energy.

Startup of the Year - OBVS Skincare WINNER!

Well done and much-deserved!

Obvs Skincare is all these things...Organic, Biodegradable, Vegan and Sustainable. Based in Hampshire, UK and formulated by Sian Louise, Obvs Skincare is extremely effective and is suitable for adults and children who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne, all sustainably packaged using zero plastic. All our products are currently handmade by me, from her bespoke home lab, purpose built by my wonderful husband. Since launching in May 2021, Obvs Skincare has helped hundreds of people with their skin concerns and has been featured in Vogue, The Vegan Magazine and BBC Radio! My Mission - To Change The Face Of Skincare. Cream for eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, spots, nappy rash and minor burns.

Startup of the Year - RideTandem

RideTandem creates new transport links in areas poorly served by existing public transport and, in doing so, addresses
transport poverty and reduces carbon emissions. Founded in 2019, we specialise in working with taxi, minicab and coach companies to provide employers with shared commuter services that are low-cost and sustainable alternative to public transport.

Startup of the Year - Big Solar Co-op

The community solar movement flourished thanks to the introduction in 2011 of Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) – the government’s support mechanism for small renewables. FiTs were withdrawn in 2019. Projects were no longer viable and new installations plummeted. But the need to tackle climate change has only got more urgent. The Big Solar Co-op is jumpstarting community solar with a new volunteer-led, ethical model that works anywhere in the UK. We’re aiming to install 100MW of solar by 2030 – cutting carbon emissions to combat climate change. Our solar activists are part of a UK-wide solar co-op run by many groups working together. So, an activist might be part of their local site-finding group but also part of a national group specialising in one aspect of project delivery – for example PV research or co-op governance.

Startup of the Year - Amarante London

We are changing how people buy flowers forever. Founded to provide a better, sustainable solution to fresh flowers, Amaranté London is continuing to provide more ethical solutions by offering naturally preserved, sustainable flowers for all occasions and events across the UK and the rest of the world. Amaranté is now moving into the event business and is helping a vast number of companies choose a sustainable alternative when it comes to selecting their floral decorations. Amaranté London is only two years old and the events part of the business less than a year, our business meets the criteria of the category due to how much change we’ve already made in terms of sustainability. We have already worked with very well-known clients such as Vogue, Royal Ascot and Formula E and provided them with sustainable floral installations rather than typical installations created with fresh flowers that will only last a few days. We also work with clients who are opting for refreshes of their flowers every few months, which is very common with restaurants we partner with. Already instead of having to refresh their flowers every week, it is months before we provide them with new florals which are already having a positive impact on the environment. It also means that when we remove their flowers, we can reuse the stems for other floral creations, dramatically cutting down on the amount of waste created.

Finance for Good - Action Funder WINNER!

Well done and much-deserved!

ActionFunder is on a mission to bring business funding together with community action in the most effective, accessible and valuable way. Our online platform and team of experts make it easy for businesses to back local communities so that both sides can grow their impact, fast. The ActionFunder platform was built in response to the knowledge that a. Local-level non-profits are best placed to make maximum impact due to their local knowledge, volunteer passion and small-scale agility. But they’re often overlooked and underfunded. b. Doing good is increasingly good for business and so more and more businesses want to do right by people and the planet. But they don’t know how to turn those positive ESG intentions into actions. c. The world won’t wait. As environmental crisis and social issues continue to proliferate, we all need to do what we can to work together, fast. Taking these factors into account, we built a platform that allows businesses to work with local non-profits to make a real impact across the UK, fast. Any business and any non-profit can sign up to the ActionFunder platform to match, give and receive funding, and track impact at low cost and high speed. We are building a better future built on thousands of businesses and millions of local communities working together to take action for people and planet.

Finance for Good - Beyond Encryption

Beyond Encryption is the financial industry standard for secure digital communications. With nearly 100,000 customers across 1.8k companies, we give organisations the freedom to exchange information confidently, cost-effectively, and with full compliance, supporting businesses on their digital transformation journey. Established in 2016, we have come far since our humble beginning. We’re in the process of building the world’s most secure encrypted communications network, protecting and connecting advisers, providers and platforms throughout the financial services industry with our secure email solution, Mailock. We work with major household brands such as Aegon, HSBC and Royal London. Our partners include the likes of Origo, a leading FinTech dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of the UK’s financial services, and Paragon Customer Communications (PCC), who are responsible for a large portion of the UK's print, pack, and post fulfilment. We also work with financial networks such as The Right Mortgage and SimplyBiz Group, helping to support their digital transformation journeys. Our innovative tech stems from our CEO, Paul Holland. As the creator of the technology behind Webline, one of the UK’s most well-known comparison engines, Paul now brings his expertise to the market through Beyond Encryption’s solutions. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of digital security and identity protection, with his 40 years of experience making him an extraordinary mentor and leader to his team. Paul’s empathetic and visionary leadership has ensured that emotional intelligence has been centric to our business strategy, and it’s driving
remarkable results. Our commercial framework has seen BE leading the way in Hampshire’s tech space, now boasting being the #1 email encryption provider within the financial services vertical.

Collaboration - Eco-Friendly Web Alliance. WINNER!

The Eco-Friendly Web Alliance is on a mission to accelerate the delivery of a sustainable, low carbon economy by helping businesses and organisations reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in their websites, digital infrastructure and shape their approach to the design and development of technology solutions with sustainability the main driver. Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) is a UK based social enterprise with a growing international presence.

Collaboration - Southampton Football Club

Southampton Football Club understand that people today are demanding more from all organisations and businesses, large or small. As a result, it’s never been more important for them to have a clear sense of purpose beyond just the pursuit of profit, as well as a clear view of how they add value to their customers and wider society as a whole. As a Premier League football club, we are no different and as a result we believe it’s our responsibility to lead by example in all forms of corporate behaviour, which we know is of real importance for our fans, partners, customers, staff and players and the wider community. As a result, we want to use our platform and role within society responsibly to help educate, inspire, and engage our different audiences to drive positive change and action in this space. In so doing, we believe this will also help position Southampton FC as a modern, forward-thinking organisation and an employer of choice, able to attract and retain the best talent to keep moving the club forwards. At Southampton Football Club, we’re committed to ensuring a sustainable future for our club, our fans and our community. Given the multiple stakeholders connected to the club, we felt it appropriate to ensure these groups were all represented strongly within our overall sustainability model. As a result, we created The Halo Effect (our sustainability strategy) which has four key areas of focus and responsibility, from our commitments to protect our planet (Environmental Responsibility), to how we operate as a business and how we treat everyone connected to the club fairly (Corporate Responsibility), to how we contribute, give back and add value to our community (Social Responsibility) and finally the commitments we are making to treat our fans fairly and equally (Fan Responsibility). Each of these 4 ‘pillars’ have a number of initiatives and a clear set of long-term objectives and measures of success. By way of example, our lead target for our ‘Environmental Responsibility’ pillar is for the club to become carbon neutral by 2030, and we have a variety of plans in place to manage waste, control our resources and enhance biodiversity within our sites to work towards this long-term goal.

Collaboration - SSE Energy Solutions

SSE Energy Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide green solutions as part of the SSE Group – with the largest renewable energy capacity across the UK and Ireland. It leverages these assets to ensure its customers (small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), corporations, public sector and voluntary sector) can benefit from a range of green energy options, including 100% renewable electricity from SSE’s UK wind farms and hydro assets. SSE Energy Solutions also helps businesses on their net zero journey with energy management, electric vehicle charging and distributed energy infrastructure. SSE is committed to being operationally net zero by 2050 and has set four 2030 business goals aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): cut carbon intensity by 80%; increase renewable energy output fivefold; enable low-carbon generation and demand; and champion a fair and just energy transition. Founded in 2019, Zellar is a sustainability-as-a-service company on a mission to make sustainable business possible for the UK’s six million SMEs. In September 2021 it launched a sustainability platform for SMEs, focused on enabling community climate action. The company has already attracted numerous partners including SSE Energy Solutions, The Co-Operative Bank, Volkswagen Group and East Midlands Chamber. Zellar is privately held and headquartered in London.

Special Recognition AWARD - WINNER Caroline Carlin of Southampton Football Club

Cajole, educate, inspire, partner, matchmake...that's us - The Southern Sustainability Partnership. We are a limited company with a team of professionals and a collective history in this sector of 26 years. Back in 2015 we decided to take that experience and make it our mission to support the environmental management of organisations of all type and size…and their drive to net-zero carbon. Why? Because previously we were in the position of offering advice on what organisations could do or should do – alongside other professionals, but we had no ship for them to sail in and no port for them to anchor in. And so we built that ship, and today our flagship is a leading annual UK event, The Big Sustainability Expo. Alongside the event that gets to recognise those efforts, the Big Sustainability Awards. And, we are delighted that every year we get to present a special award of our own. The Winner? Coming Soon!

Caroline Carlin of Southampton Football Club

Caroline is Operations & Sustainability Manager at Southampton Football Club. She joined Southampton Football Club in 2018 and in her role has been instrumental in the development and launch of the club’s sustainability strategy ‘The Halo Effect’, making company-wide improvements across four key pillars - Environmental Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Fan Responsibility and Social Responsibility – with the club being recognised for its progress in becoming more environmentally sustainable by rising to 
3rd place in the 2021 Premier League Sustainability table. Through developing The Halo Effect, Caroline has become an active member in sports sustainability networks in the UK and was recently appointed to the Management Board at The British Association for Sustainable Sport.

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