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Astrid Davies - Astrid Davies Consultancy

Astrid works with leaders and their teams to bring about sustainable change. An advocate for the environmental movement since the 1980s, she led the Eco Island initiative team on the Isle of Wight, and is delighted to count environmental advisors as part of her varied client base today.

Alan DARBY - Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment - IEMA

Corporate Partnerships Manager


Greening your organisation: A Blueprint for a Green Workforce Transformation

The shift to a green economy will create green jobs within new and emerging sectors, while those working in existing sectors will have to gain the requisite green skills to take advantage of business sustainability.In response to the global need for action, the UK Government has set out the need for the UK to lead in transforming our economy so that it is ‘Net Zero’ in totality by 2050. A YouGov poll commissioned by IEMA for the report’s launch, found that 56% of the British public had not heard of green jobs, with 62% not understanding what the term green skills meant, and 65% said they didn't have any access to green skills training. All organisations will be expected to commit and contribute to mitigating and repairing environmental damage. Doing so while remaining economically viable will require different ways of operating from top to bottom, placing new demands on workers at all levels. The IEMA and Deloitte report paints a picture of an accelerating drive to build this greener workforce across the UK economy. In preparing it, we have developed a succinct set of insights intended to help organisations design their strategic green workforce transformation.


Steve SZALAY - Southampton International Airport

Southampton International Airport
Operations Director

TOPIC: Sustainability challenges at Southampton Airport

Born in South Shields and a lifelong Sunderland fan, Steve is Operations Director at Southampton Airport. Previous roles in Aviation include Managing Director of Aberdeen Airport and VP of Ground Handling at dnata Heathrow. Steve entered aviation as a second career, following 21 years in the Army. In 2010 he served in Afghanistan working for General Petraeus as a strategist based in the HQ and Karzai’s Presidential Palace. He left the Army in 2012 as a Lt Col and commanding officer of a REME Battalion in Tidworth. Settling in Salisbury, Southampton has been his local airport for the last 12 years. One of his biggest challenges has been securing approval for the runway extension at SOU. A keen guitarist and hill walker, Steve is planning to walk the South Downs Way this year.


Caroline CARLIN - Premiership Team Southampton Football Club

Caroline CARLIN
Operations & Sustainability

TOPIC: Southampton Football Club's journey to launching the Halo Effect. The improvements they have made to rise up the sustainability league table, and the importance of a supportive sustainability network to help guide them along the way.

Caroline joined Southampton Football Club in 2018 and in her role as Operations and Sustainability Manager has been instrumental in the development and launch of the club’s sustainability strategy ‘The Halo Effect’, making company-wide improvements across four key pillars - Environmental Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Fan Responsibility and Social Responsibility – with the club being recognised for its progress in becoming more environmentally sustainable by rising to 3rd place in the 2021 Premier League Sustainability table. Through developing The Halo Effect, Caroline has become an active member in sports sustainability networks in the UK and was recently appointed to the Management Board at The British Association for Sustainable Sport.


Richard BRENNER - YUGO Student Accommodation

Operations Director for Europe
YUGO Student Accommodation

Alan HOLM - EY

>Associate Partner - Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Sustainability opportunities for organisations: Creating and protecting value. Viewing sustainability through the lens of strategic opportunity rather than just risk management. Need to focus on risk, but not exclusively: the increasing risks directly caused by climate factors and the evolving regulatory environment. Using sustainability to improve operational performance, review costs, efficiencies and employee productivity, and access lower cost of capital. Spotlight on EY’s journey – taking bold action with transparency.

About Alan

Alan Holm is Associate Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY. He leads EY’s sustainability projects for private businesses and leads EY’s global team on the World Economic Forum’s common Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics program.​ In this role, Alan has engaged with many of the world’s largest companies and investors, plus other actors in the ESG reporting eco-system, including regulators, standard setters, data platforms and ESG rating agencies.​ Alan has over 20 years of experience in sustainability and data analytics. He re-joined EY in 2020 after six years in leadership roles at a FTSE20 global data and analytics business, where he led their strategic transition towards sustainability.


Guy OSMOND - Osmond Ergonomics

Managing Director
Osmond Ergonomics

TOPIC: ERGONOMICS, WELLBEING & SUSTAINABILITY – keeping your people and the planet happy, healthy and productive

About Guy
Guy Osmond has been in the business of workplace ergonomics for nearly thirty years. As a result, he has been talking about wellbeing and the links between physical and mental health since before these were commonplace conversation topics. He still gets really animated about the connections between staff health, happiness, engagement and productivity. Workplace health is an important issue and one that many organisations take seriously when ensuring correct spaces and work stations. However, now more and more of us are working from home which causes a serious issue for companies. Guy will help tackle this issue.


Sanjay LOBO (MBE) onHand

Sanjay LOBO (MBE)
Chief Operating Officer

Topic: To be added shortly

About Sanjay Logo
Sanjay Lobo is the CEO of onHand, the impact app. Prior to onHand, Sanjay served on the exec team at two unicorns, Lastminute.com (one of the UK's first dotcom unicorns) and Vistaprint (Nasdaq listed, with 17m customers) leading growth teams across the EU and US. In 2019, he founded onHand with the aim of solving some of society's biggest issues using technology.

About onHand
onHand is the all-in-one tool to engage your team in environmental and social good. onHand lets employees learn and take action on the issues that matter. From youth mentoring, food poverty and elderly help to fighting climate change with CO2e tracked eco-pledges for mass collective impact. They’ve won an armful of awards, including Best Employee Engagement Volunteering Tool 2022.

Location:Matthew Le Tissier Suite

Jamie HALL - Zenergi

Jamie HALL
Chief Sustainability Officer

TOPIC: Powering a Sustainable Future

Jamie leads Zenergi's technical division, Briar, alongside helping to drive their ambitious environmental, social value and corporate governance strategy. Ensuring Zenergi limit their impact on the environment and play their part in preventing climate change.

Location: Matthew Le Tissier Suite

James FORD - Solent LEP

James FORD
Head of Enterprise and Skills
Solent LEP

Topic: Solent LEP Sustainability Support Programme - Open to all businesses based in the Solent region. A free service for SMEs.

About James

James joined the Solent LEP in April 2018 as Business Engagement and Growth Hub Manager, and was appointed Head of Enterprise and Skills in 2021. Before joining the LEP James was Business development Manager at Southampton Football Club and was responsible for sourcing and activating new partnerships with both small and large employers. James`s Previous roles included Project Manager & Mobilisation Manager and Head of Apprenticeships and Employability, whereby James was responsible for the implementation of new contracts, Business engagement and operational delivery across numerous regions throughout England. Prior to this James was a professional football player with AFC Bournemouth and Personal trainer, having set up and created his own business.

Location:Matthew Le Tissier Suite

Bryte Energy

Speaker to be added Shortly
Bryte Energy

TOPIC: To be added shortly

Location: Matthew Le Tissier Suite

Michael AMOS - Waste to Wonder

Michael AMOS
>Waste to Wonder

TOPIC: Ethical Office Clearance

Speaker at the Local Authority Collaboration Forum - Local Authority only event

Topic: Waste to Wonder deliver a unique ethical office clearance solution that has equipped over 1000 schools and charities in 23 countries. In 2021 alone they redistributed 1800 tonnes of equipment worth over £2.8m to good causes locally and around the world. Working closely with some of the biggest FM companies in the UK including CBRE, Sodexo, Mitie, and Mace and alongside several leading furniture manufacturers and fit out companies they helped pioneer CSR initiatives that have had a measurable social and sustainable impact for customers and had a generational impact for young people and disadvantaged communities around the world.

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Neil ROBSON - Renewed Store

Renewed Store

TOPIC: Refurbished IT

Speaker at the Local Authority Collaboration Forum - Local Authority only event


Renewed Store - BSI Accredited refurbished IT helps organisations meet sustainability and environmental policy targets. The Renewed Store has been delivering refurbished IT solutions and upgrades to organisations since 1997. With their quality-assured refurbishment process, the lifecycle of IT products can be extended from 3 years to up to 10 years, whilst still delivering performance that meets or exceeds the needs of the user. They only deliver Grade-A products which have been hand refurbished by their team in West Sussex and offer a 12-month warranty on all products, extendable to 36-months. They work with schools, universities, charities, public sector, private sector and healthcare businesses – along with VARs to provide high-performing refurbished IT.

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Michael INPONG - Sport & Brands Consulting

Michael INPONG
Sport & Brands Consulting

Topic: Our pathway to Net Zero

About Michael

Michael started his career at P&G and L’Oreal before moving to the C-suite of Nestle and Müller. Most recently as the former CMO and strategy director for Müller, Michael led ground-breaking brand building in sport with organisations (eg. Team GB, NBA, British Athletics, British triathlon, World & European Championships) and talents (eg. Dina Asher-Smith, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, Hannah Cockroft) for which he picked up the Marketing Week Masters award in consumer goods last October. Michael is now the managing director of Sport&Brands a strategy consultancy in sport, activity and healthy lifestyle, a company he co-founded. Sport is a professional and personal passion for Michael - who got offered a football contract at 17, became national karate champion in his 30’s and is now a recently qualified athletics coach. Off the track, Michael is passionate about the impact of sport on society. Michael has been a trustee of Women’s Sport Trust since 2017, a trustee of the Active partnership in Shropshire and a member of UK Coaching advisory panel. Michael is a fellow of the Marketing Society, a fellow of the Marketing academy and a teaching fellow in marketing and strategy at Aston University.


BDB Pitman

Name to be added shortly
BDB Pitman

TOPIC: To be added shortly

Location: to be added shortly

Vitacress Ltd

Group Environment Manager for Vitacress Ltd
Leah is an environmental specialist with over two decades of successful experience in rivers and wetlands work. A Chartered Environmentalist and a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), Leah has a keen interest in nature conservation and environmental management using nature-based solutions, and in natural capital and ecosystems services. Responsible for driving positive environmental change in the Vitacress’ farming, processing, and distribution operations. Having a dramatic, positive impact on the business, embedding environmental sustainability into the operations and challenging existing thinking.

Resourcing and Recruitment Manager for Vitacress Salads Ltd
Rachel has an accomplished back ground in Recruitment and HR gained in various industries including both FMCG and Management Consulting over two decades. Rachel joined Vitacress as the Resourcing and Recruitment Manager in 2020 with a view to hiring the right people in a cost effective and timely way. With a passion for candidate experience in the recruitment process, promoting EVP and helping provide solutions to onboarding the right talent and skill sets for the business.

TOPIC: Vitracress project with RideTandem who provide employers with shared commuter services that are low-cost and a sustainable alternative to public transport.

Steve WHETTINGSTEEL - Krysteline

CEO & Managing Director at Krysteline

Topic: Developing a more Sustainable Glass Recycling System

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About Steve

Steve Whettingsteel has extensive experience in developing specialised engineered solutions for the waste management sector, particularly in the recovery and refinement of glass has refined a strategy for approaching resource recovery from a clearer and more tangible perspective. A hands on approach in the development of an International corporate strategy has reinforced a belief that all waste glass arising’s can and should be recovered with equal priority and importance. Steve's research and development experience amassed over 20 years in his earlier role as Technical Director at Krysteline culminated in a portfolio of technologies and a strategy which supports not only the recovery of glass for remelt but also the capability to produce high quality fully refined sands and powders for new and emerging global markets. Maximising the economic benefit of all glass no matter its size or quality dramatically decreases the carbon footprint of glass recycling, recovery and reuse whereby meeting the fundamentals of a circular economy.

When taking over as CEO and Managing Director of Krysteline Technologies in 2011 Steve prioritised his activities in the re-education of historical and misguided perceptions of how a glass recycling strategy could be applied across a modern global marketplace. He established with Krysteline a global distributor based engineering and sales network as well as cooperate with corporations and governments to increase their use of recycled products across a broad spectrum of markets defined by value, carbon impact and sustainability.

Continuous R&D activities have also resulted in the emergence of new technologies at Krysteline which improve the efficiency of processing and recovery of precious metals from slags as well as size reduction of a number of minerals and ores and sea shells. The recent introduction of the highly innovative Pyro Drier for refinement of heavily contaminated glass adds credibility to our strategy of recovering all collected glass no matter its collection method or quality.

Dr. Paul WRIGHT - MLA College

Senior Academician

Topic and Bio to be added

Anna CAMPBELL - Climax Community

Head of Client Engagement

Topic: Net Zero: A Strategy for Local Authorities
Through their innovative carbon management platform, Climate Essentials, Climax Community is providing a unique multistakeholder approach for public bodies to engage with their business ecosystems. Climate Essentials enables users to gain insights into bottom-up and top-down carbon emissions data across entire regions, connecting the public sector with local businesses to make net zero an inclusive reality.

Through their work with the Greater London Authority’s Better Futures+ programme, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, Worcestershire County Council, Buckinghamshire, and numerous London Boroughs, Climax Community have developed a robust regional strategy that creates synergies between local governments and their SME communities. They will be discussing the environmental and business “what-ifs” and “what-could-best” when it comes to climate change, culminating in a call to action which contextualises the power of technology, all whilst outlining the business, environmental, and community rewards driven by a commitment to going net zero.


As the Head of Client Engagement and Delivery, Anna works with Climax Community’s public and private sector clients to support them in developing engaging and impactful carbon reduction campaigns and projects within their organisations and across their regions. These projects guide business communities through their journey to net zero with the use of their carbon management platform, Climate Essentials, and result in powerful data insights to drive regional net zero goals. Anna has nine years of experience in client and project management, coming from a background in the not for profit sector. Prior to working at Climax Community, she has worked in a variety of projects ranging from large scale client service delivery to product development, as well as establishing an international subsidiary in India. Anna is passionate about working in an organisation that aims to deliver significant and lasting change.

Location:Aspire Lounge

Andrew CHILDERS - Beyond Procurement Ltd

Chief Operating Officer

Topic: To be confirmed


TOPIC: Keynote topic: Cost and Carbon Reduction: saving today, for tomorrow

About Andrew
Andrew has an extensive career spanning blue-chip, central government, local government, not-for-profit, and private sector organisations. With 28 years of executive level business experience. Andrew established the company in 2007 to help and support businesses of all levels. His hands on experience of working with private and public sector organisations means that he ensures the Beyond Procurement team constantly offer the best-in-class, high value add services.

BEng in Product Design. HNC in Technical Engineering. ONC in Computer Aided Engineering. Diploma (with Hons) in clinical hypnotherapy. Registered Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), EFQM (Business excellence) Assessor, Six Sigma Green Belt. Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law. Negotiation, Cost Reduction, OJEU, Value Engineering/Analysis, Kaizen, Relationship Management. Sustainable Supply Chain. Waste Management Best Practice.

Beyond Procurement Ltd
Beyond Procurement Ltd is a procurement consultancy for improving business profits while caring for the planet. We serve those who want to take action in a time of climate crisis and rising costs. We provide cost and carbon reduction solutions to businesses, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and local authorities in a knowledgeable, caring manner while helping them feel empowered and giving the support they need. As experts in sustainable procurement, we have helped tens of thousands of businesses improve their profits, eliminate waste to landfill and reduce the impact they have on the planet, significantly boosting company image, pride and brand value. Award-winning - Everything we do is centred around reducing cost and carbon from the business and have been awarded the Green Apple Award, Green Ambassador Award and the Sussex Business Award for the various zero to landfill schemes.

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