28th October 2021
9.30am to 4.00pm
Venue: St. Mary's Football Stadium (Southampton)
Room: Markus Liebherr Lounge

Your Host for 2021

Adrian Hopper
We are delighted to present Adrian as your theatre host again in 2021. Adrian took the helm for us in 2019 when we were able to host our last Expo and he did an admirable job as an avid supporter of sustainability.

Professor William Collins
Lead Author, Chapter 7 2021 IPCC Climate Change Report

Topic – Chapter 7 Earth’s Energy Budget, Climate feedbacks and Climate Sensitivity
15.20 pm - 15.40 pm

Bill Collins is a professor of climate processes and researches the effects of different greenhouse gases and pollutants on climate and the Earth System. A particular research focus is on how to compare the effects of different climate pollutants on different timescales. He has been a lead author on the last two IPCC reports, which come out every 7 years, specifically chapters addressing greenhouse gases and how sensitive climate is to them.

Keynote Presenter
Martin Baxter
Director of Policy and External Affairs
Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment - IEMA
14.50pm - 15.10pm

Following the announcement that IEMA has declared a Climate and Environmental Emergency, we are delighted to confirm that Martin will once again be speaking at the Expo. Martin is a competent and experienced environment and sustainability executive. He is a strategic thinker with the capability to lead and influence others. He has both national and international experience in developing and negotiating global and European standards, and developing capacity for effective and widespread implementation. Martin communicates with senior parliamentarians, Government officials, business leaders and academia – as an acknowledged expert on environmental management, regular spokesperson on a range of business environment topic areas.

Topic – To be confirmed

Susan Elliott
UK Network Senior Manager in the UK Network at the South East
British Business Bank
Topic: The funding landscape and the British Business Bank’s place in the financial eco-system
10.50 am - 11.10 am

Susan is an experienced commercial professional working with British Business Bank delivery partners and intermediaries to help smaller business plan for and access finance for growth. Her knowledge and strong connections in the funding and business support community were gained from co-founding and running her own consulting business, providing strategic advice for scale ups, delivering business accelerator programmes, managing public sector business support contracts and through partnerships with sources of finance for small and mid-sized businesses.

Susan will talk about how the British Business Bank unlocks funding to support the success of smaller UK businesses by providing finance and applying guarantees through commercial lenders and investors. The Bank is the largest UK-based venture capital investor with its programmes supporting 21% of all announced UK equity deals in 2020. Working with its delivery partners the Bank provides innovative businesses with the capital they need to scale-up rapidly and address emerging opportunities. Through its commercial subsidiary British Patient Capital, the British Business Bank invests in a diversified portfolio of best-in-class venture and growth capital funds. One of those commitments is in ETF Partners’ third Environmental Technologies Fund to grow the most innovative companies that help deliver long-term and sustainable economic prosperity. LEARNZONE...Susan is also hosting a workshop with ETF Partners to discuss ‘Investing in sustainability: why seek investment from specialist sustainable funds?’

Dr. Toby Willison
Director of Environment and Corporate Affairs
Southern Water
Topic: Balancing supply and demand in a changing environment
09.50 am - 10.10 am

Climate change effects on supply dealing with changing demand How has the pandemic impacted supply and demand requirements?

Bart Nollen
Topic: Creating End-to-End Impact Transparency for Consumers and Business
11.50am - 12.10 pm

Bart co-founded the sustainable consumer marketplace, Dayrize in early 2021. A love of environment and biodiversity began at four as a WWF ranger. He went on to enter the nascent sustainable business world back in 2000 and in the 20 years since made an impact with eco-friendly start-ups and investments around the world. Bart creates and influences sustainable solutions that look ahead to the future including circular investments, biobased economy and insect-based protein. His work disrupts unsustainable supply chains, makes eco-friendly investments attractive, and develops world-changing sustainable technologies. His company Circular Investment develops and funds multiple ground-breaking impact projects.

Anna Willets
Senior Vice President
Chartered Institute of Wastes Management - CIWM
Topic: To be confirmed
13.50 pm - 14.10 pm

Anna is an environmental criminal lawyer, specialising in defence work in the waste and recycling industry. She is dual-qualified, having completed a PhD in geochemistry and worked as an environmental consultant for 5 years before qualifying as a lawyer. Anna represents waste and recycling businesses and directors who are prosecuted by the regulators (Environment Agency and local authorities) for environmental and waste offences. She has been a member of CIWM for over 20 years, is a Trustee of the Institution and Senior Vice President. She is also Co-Convenor of UKELA’s Waste Working Party. Anna is also co-authoring a book on the practical application of waste management law with a barrister and an environmental consultant.

Kieran White
Operations, Logistics & Launch COO
TEDx Presenter and formerly at Tesla
Lasso Loop Recycling
Topic: How the future of recycling and waste management can ensure the rapid adoption of the circular economy
12.50 pm - 13.10 pm

Kieran is an entrepreneurial leader focused on transitioning the world to the vital circular economy as fast as possible. He is currently leading the operational launch of Lasso Loop Recycling’s debut product - a recycling appliance for the home. Developing strategies for the startup to successfully build Pre-Orders, begin a pilot delivery phase and achieve wide-spread deliveries in the next 18 months. Kieran is building a network of sustainability innovators and experienced professionals, alongside Business Leaders and Non-Profit Organisations to ensure Lasso’s success and beyond. He is incredibly passionate about working alongside motivated and likeminded people to ensure that the sustainability of our planet is fortified.

Dr. Russell Fowler
National Grid
Topic: How Energy Networks can Enable Sustainable Transport
14.20 pm - 14.40 pm

Introduction to energy networks and National Grid.
What does sustainable transport look like?
What does sustainable transport in cities look like?
Can Transport Hubs deliver sustainable transport?

Daniel O'Bede

Daniel Bede O'Connor
Warp It
Topic: The Skills every Sustainability Manager needs to know right now. Being a Sustainability Manager is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle and a mentality.
13:20 pm - 13:40 pm

Being a Sustainability Manager is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle and a mentality. Do you find it sometimes doesn't even feel like work because you are so absorbed in this mission? Those who are most successful in this position are the people who understand that delivering sustainability is a part of their character and not just a means of getting paid. The most successful also understand they cannot do it alone, that sustainability is achieved via collaboration. Which subsequently means collaborative skills are top of the list. In the past being successful has also been about the long game and waiting for the planets to align...but this has to change.

Professor Dieter Helm

Topic: Net-Zero - How we stop causing Climate Change

Sir Dieter Helm is Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Economics at New College, Oxford. In the 2021 Honours List, Dieter was awarded a knighthood for services to the environment, energy and utilities policy. Although other commitments mean Sir Helm is unable to join our Keynote Speaker Theatre this year, he has promised to provide you with a podcast which is coming soon. For an early alert please contact us via