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Meet your Host...Astrid Davies

WE ARE ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to once again be joined by Astrid as the host of our Keynote Speaker Theatre.
Suffice to say, with her extensive knowledge and capabilities you are in excellent hands.

Astrid Davies Consulting is a collective of like-minded professionals, working with organisations to make their workplace happier, more productive and more sustainable. Astrid Davies is their lead consultant, bringing their different experts together, to match their skills with your unique requirements. Astrid has been an advocate of sustainability both in her professional and personal life and was part of the local authority team that worked on greening the Isle of Wight. She is also part of initiatives that support the reduction of the environmental impact or our organisations which is why she is passionate about taking part in the Expo again this year.


PETER SCHOFIELD Principal Environmental Consultant at GEP Environmental

Carbon Footprint - Why it should be measured and how it can be used to develop Net Zero strategy, Science Based Targets. And, Exploring Challenges of Scope 3 Emissions reporting.

About Peter

Peter is a subject matter specialist in Carbon Footprinting and Reporting with extensive experience of completing Carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions assessments and reports for Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG emissions. Peter has a thorough working knowledge of different Carbon and GHG calculation and reporting standards (including GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, PAS 2050, PAS 2060 and industry specific standards, such as UN Race to Zero, Science Based Targets Initiative, Welsh Public Sector Net Zero Carbon Reporting and Procurement Policy Note 06/21 on Carbon Reduction Plans). Peter is routinely appointed as a technical advisor and auditor to provide third party independent Carbon Footprint Verification and Assurance support, against these standards. As well as supporting with organisational carbon reporting, Peter also provides technical expertise on decarbonisation of upstream/downstream services, including decarbonisation of supply chains (incl. procurement of goods and services).

Peter is very familiar with the different National Net Zero Carbon policy approaches and national NZC targets for England, Wales and Scotland and is responsible for leading the development of Net Zero Carbon trajectory and scenario analysis to support organisations to set and monitor Net Zero Carbon targets (incl. Science Based Targets). Peter advises on the role and interaction between Decarbonisation and Carbon Neutralisation (such as Carbon Offsetting) and advises on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation strategies. Peter is skilled in the design and development of bespoke and highly engaging models, tools and presentations in support of the above, with experience presenting at board level, directorate/division level and manager/operational level.