Are you Considering the Transition to an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle?

The decision on what the next vehicle will be for you or your business has changed. Your options are now much broader and if you are considering a cleaner option you may not feel as confident in that decision as you would once have been. And, as always, it’s a large investment. Take into account the rising cost of fuel, and it’s another reason to think again.

That is why The Southern Sustainability Partnership has located a co-event, Big Green Wheels alongside their leading UK event The Big Sustainability Expo designed to support environmental management and corporate sustainability drives. Big Green Wheels is a clean transport focussed event to take place alongside the Expo in Southampton on September 22nd at St. Mary’s Stadium between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm.

In short, this free-to-attend event is designed to enable you to make that transition with the same level of confidence and knowledge you have enjoyed until now.

It will feature many of your much-loved brands and will also provide an opportunity to get behind the wheel for a test drive. Experts will also be on hand to discuss what that transition might look like for you, your business, and your team, cost savings and benefits, and issues such as range and salary sacrifice.

Visitors will also be able to find experts and solutions that support this transition, such as EV charging, solar energy, and solar battery storage. The Big Sustainability Expo itself will host up to 100 different exhibition stands and two keynote theatres. Both events are free to attend and to book free to attend both visit