Our 2024 Children's Award Sponsors

The Southern Sustainability Partnership is proud to introduce its 2024 sponsors for this, the inaugural 2024 Children’s Awards. 

Along with our Ambassador, Barratt Developments PLC, we are delighted to be partnering with these organisations who are supporting this event to help educate our young people and raise vital money for UK conservation work carried out by Marwell Wildlife.

The Sustainability Awards sponsorship opportunities



Over £1 billion of damage is caused by burst pipes and failed fitting in UK homes every year – a staggering financial cost on top of the even more catastrophic Carbon Footprint of replacement furnishings and wasted water. By installing an Automatic Stopcock in a home or office building you have 24/7 protection against wasted water and catastrophic damage if you have a burst pipe of failed fitting. An Automatic Stopcock is cost effective and easy to install either at initial construction or as a retro fit. 

Thanks to the Autostopcock team for supporting the month of January in our 2025 calendar!