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Join us at The Big Sustainability Awards 2024 and share your journey towards a greener future. If you’ve made strides in energy innovation, waste reduction, or impactful sustainability campaigns, this is an opportunity to spotlight your efforts.

Entering is straightforward, and it’s a wonderful way to acknowledge your team’s hard work in contributing to a healthier planet. Whether you’re at the forefront or quietly making a difference, we invite you to enter. It’s a chance to reflect on your commitment and inspire others with your story.

The entry deadline is the 31st of July 2024.

The Sustainability Awards

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Why Should You Enter?

Industry Recognition

Gain acknowledgment of your sustainability efforts from industry peers.

Boost Morale

Celebrate your team's hard work and dedication to environmental initiatives.

Raise Profile

Enhance your organisation's visibility and reputation in the sustainability sector.


Connect with other sustainability pioneers and potential partners at the event.

Inspire Others

Your story can motivate others to take action in their sustainability journeys.

Enjoy the Night

Experience a memorable evening celebrating with like-minded individuals.

2024 Awards Categories

Entry Deadline is 31st July 2024

1. Reduction In Energy Use

Energy management is crucial today due to rising costs and the need for sustainable use. If your organisation has effectively reduced energy consumption or developed solutions to these challenges, we invite you to nominate for this award.

2. Innovation In Energy

This award recognises organisations who brought groundbreaking energy products, services, or initiatives to life, resulting in significantly better energy usage. Whether it's pioneering a new technology or launching a transformative service, your contributions set the bar higher.

3. Waste Reduction & Recycling

Essential to sustainability is tackling waste effectively. This award seeks those with innovative solutions or projects that significantly reduce or manage waste, inspiring others to follow. If your organisation has made strides in waste reduction or recycling, we encourage you to enter.

4. Innovative Waste Solution

Effective waste management is pivotal for any sustainability strategy, not only for environmental impact but also for cost savings. This award honours innovative products, services, or initiatives designed to reduce or manage waste efficiently. If your creation offers a novel approach to waste challenges, we invite you to showcase your contribution.

5. Outstanding Sustainability Campaign

This award celebrates campaigns that have significantly advanced sustainability through innovative, engaging, and impactful efforts. It recognises initiatives that have effectively inspired action, influenced behaviour, and demonstrated measurable environmental or social benefits.

6. Sustainable Change

This award recognises organisations across all sectors that have recently introduced a product, technology, or service enhancing sustainability or providing an eco-friendly alternative to existing options. If you've developed a solution that contributes to a greener future, we invite you to showcase your innovation for a chance to win.

7. SME Sustainability Impact

While large corporations often capture the spotlight for reducing environmental impact, SMEs play a crucial, yet quieter role in sustainability efforts. This award celebrates the valuable contributions of SMEs towards a greener future, acknowledging their efforts to reduce carbon footprints, lower operational costs, and achieve sustainable growth. No matter where you are in your journey, if you're making a difference, let us recognise and honour your commitment.

8. Sustainable Startup of the Year

This award shines a spotlight on startups that are tirelessly working to bring their innovative ideas and solutions to life, aiming to make a significant impact on their industry and beyond. We have a special enthusiasm for these emerging businesses, recognising the potential in each to grow from a budding concept into a towering success. If your startup has been launched within the last two years and embodies the spirit of innovation and sustainability, we invite you to share your story.

9. Sustainable Transport

Transportation is a critical component of environmental management, with the shift towards clean energy posing both a challenge and an opportunity. This award recognises organisations that have boldly reimagined their transport strategies, embracing clean energy and innovative solutions despite the complexities of cost, infrastructure, and adoption.

10. Employee Engagement in Sustainability

Achieving sustainability goals requires more than just a plan; it demands the whole team's engagement, from leadership to every employee. This award celebrates organisations that have effectively rallied their teams around sustainability, embedding it into the culture and operations.

11. Sustainable Hero Award

The Sustainability Hero Award is reserved for individuals who have significantly advanced their organisation's sustainability journey over the last year. Whether through leading teams to success or pioneering efforts on their own, these heroes have made remarkable contributions. If you know someone whose dedication and achievements in sustainability stand out, nominate them to share their inspiring story and celebrate their impact.

12. Net Zero Journey Award

If your organisation is on its journey to net-zero then you have made an incredible commitment to not only the planet but to the future of your organisation and the industry sector you operate within. And, our panel congratulates you. They also want to hear from you. What does that commitment look like for you? What are the targets you have set for your organisation? What particular challenges does your industry sector pose. And, what commitment have you made in terms of time to undertake them? You deserve to be rewarded, so please nominate now.

Big Sustainability Awards...Special Recognition

Annually, we're honoured to collaborate with outstanding organisations and individuals dedicated to sustainability. It's our pleasure to select a recipient for this distinguished award, celebrating their exceptional contributions to the field. We eagerly anticipate naming our 2024 awardee, recognising their significant impact and commitment to sustainability.

Enter Today

Once you’ve chosen your categories and downloaded the relevant entry forms, please take the time to answer all questions thoroughly. After completing the forms, email them to the address provided below.

Remember, the submission deadline is 31st July 2024.

If you have any further questions regarding the Awards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to assist you.

The Awards night and Gala Dinner are hosted at the prestigious Leonardo Hotel, Southampton, on 26th September 2024, starting with a Welcome Drinks Reception at 6.30 pm and concluding at midnight.

Please download and complete the nomination form for each category you wish to enter, then scan and return it to info@southernsustainability.co.uk.

The nomination deadline is 31st July 2024 at midnight.

A panel of judges shortlists finalists, with the category sponsor choosing the winner. Both winners and finalists will receive trophies on the night.

Judging commences after the nomination deadline, with selections forwarded to award sponsors for the final decision.

Finalists are announced by 31st August 2024, with winners revealed on the Awards night on the 26th September 2024.

There is no cost to enter or nominate.

Yes, you may enter up to two categories, using a separate form for each.

Finalists will be featured on the Awards website and provided with a digital banner. Winners will be showcased at The Big Sustainability Expo in October and highlighted in press announcements and on social media.

Tickets are £95 each, with tables of 10 available for £900 and tables of 8 for £720. Contact us at info@southernsustainability.co.uk to book or request an invoice.

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