The Southern Sustainability Partnership Consultancy is looking for thought leaders working in the Energy or Waste Management sectors…

Is your organisation working in either of these sectors and looking to take a leadership role?




Working in conjunction with a business acceleration company, The Southern Sustainability Partnership Consultancy has developed a highly effective platform for thought leaders to position themselves at this year’s event.

A combination of Keynote Session in the Thought Leadership Hub in Hall 1,
supported with an expo floor showcase to ensure continued collaboration and to
keep the conversations going, this opportunity is open to a limited number of
organisations only.

Is this you and your organisation?

The Expo leadership role provides access to many of the most influential delegates
working in this arena, from leading organisations and SMEs from right across the
UK – and from both the private and public sectors.

Your leadership role will take the form of;

Keynote  A 30-minute keynote session with your time allocated immediately upon
booking your Expo floor showcase.

You will be asked to provide a presentation which demonstrates a thought leadership
role in your particular area of expertise and takes a look at the energy or waste/recycling `
market place today – and going forward.  Participation in 2019 will automatically secure
your position in this limited arena for 2020. Why?  To ensure our delegates can build
relationships they can rely on for knowledge and solutions.

Showcase  A 2mx1m shell scheme showcase in either the Energy or Waste Thought Leaders
Hub for investment in your industry of £575.00+VAT.
This will include a table, 2 chairs and a Hilton ‘Grab Bab’ stand lunch for up to 2 of your team.

Power will be extra as per the Health & Safety compliance at the venue.

Depending on when you book, larger stands may be available. Please contact us today for
pricing and availability  01202 971186
Promotion  Your leadership role in the Hub will be promoted in the lead up to the Expo and will
also be highlighted in the Expo guide on the day which is retained by delegates for ongoing reference.

Your keynote session will be highlighted separately in the guide.
You will be featured in a) the exhibitor page on the website and b) in the keynote speaker leadership
theatre page.
We will be asking our thought leaders to work with us to promote their presence and activity
on the day.
This is about collaboration and supporting the industry sector we are all active in.
These showcases and keynote sessions are on strictly on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be
held, as we ensure our experts are in place well before October 8th.

Act Now!

This is the opportunity to position your organisation as Thought Leaders
in your particular sector!

You can contact us today on 01202 971186

Or, via