Inspire, cajole, educate, match make…We are the Southern Sustainability Partnership, a platform for empowering organisations to change since 2015.

Our partnership is designed to disrupt a ‘business as usual’ agenda. Why? Because reducing the environmental footprint of our businesses is among the most important objectives of our time. We achieve this, in part, by creating events your business cannot afford to miss…on the topics your business cannot afford to ignore.

In short, we help future-proof organisations while they help shape the planet – one sustainability project at a time. We also act as disrupters through consultancy, supplier directory and education channel…in support of both the public and private sector.

We believe it’s only by questioning the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mentality and creating a platform for open discussion, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge…matched with an ability to see and touch the solutions available that real change can be made.

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