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We are The Southern Sustainability Partnership, a limited company with a team of professionals with a collective history in this sector of 26 years. Back in 2015 we decided to take that experience and make it our mission to support the corporate sustainability of organisations of all type and size…and their drive to net-zero carbon.

Why? Because previously we were in the position of offering advice on what organisations could do or should do – alongside other professionals, but we had no ship for them to sail in and no port to anchor in.

We have to build that ship, we said one day. We need to create that port for them to anchor in.

Of course, you will make life harder when you find your heart is in something as much as your head, and that is how it has been for us on this journey and where it has remained throughout our seven year history.

Our flagship is, of course, our annual Expo – The Big Sustainability Expo. Breaking down an Exhibition just moments after your visitors have left for another year, we have likened to building a mountain and then bringing in the bulldozers to knock it down again. Only to start building it again, from scratch, as soon as the light sets over the horizen the following morning.

Add to that mix a resolve to only have one or two exhibitors with the same discipline in order to make the space available to you as diverse as possible for your delegates with products, technologies, services and solutions and, of course experts.

And, you can ask yourself, why are we making this so hard?

Well, the answer to that question is quite simple for us. Because it’s not about us at all, it’s about creating a space where the magic can happen for our delegates and for our exhibitors. Where delegates that are passionate about making a difference can spend time with suppliers who care about their journey. Enabling them to spend their limited time away from their facilities wisely with those who have invested time in them.

So, even if we do make life harder for ourselves it is all in a good cause.
It is making a difference and we are told so often that we are making a difference. That we are a catalyst for change.

From both the public and the private sector.

And, that is why in 2018 we added our Big Sustainability Awards, so that these organisations can be recognised for these efforts. To offer them their moment in the spotlight. After all, where they inspire others will follow.

Since then, we have added clean transport pop-up events, consultancy, podcasts, directory and an event for the public in association with Southampton City Council.

The benefits of a sustainability strategy are as remarkable as they are measurable.
So do not waste any time developing yours!

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Contact Us

Need help with a project today?
Why not check out our Big Sustainability Directory HERE today.