Join Harries Coffee

For The Big Sustainability Expo Networking Breakfast.


Date:     Before the Expo doors open on the 8th October 2019

Where:    Hilton Ageas Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton SO30 3XH

Room:    Hall 3 – Eco Coffee Lounge

Parking: FREE Parking at Cricket Ground (as signposted) – Just a 5-minute walk

Expo Reception:  Visit reception to register first

Time:   8.00am to. 10.00am

Topic: Connecting and Collaborating
It’s what creates long-lasting and therefore sustainable business relationships….So often networking is just seen as what can I get from each person in the room on the day!
Harries Coffee does it differently – find out how.


Try your very first real Danish Pastries, cooked by an actual Danish Chef.

Tea and Coffee








Then, enjoy networking time with delegates and exhibitors.

Plus, our guest presenter.

All this for £15.00+VAT
Click here to book via Eventbrite
Or, call 01202 971186 to make a card payment

Need a room for the night?

CLICK HERE to take advantage of the Expo hotel rate.


Enjoy FREE ENTRY to the Expo – exclusive access to up to 100 exhibitors,
keynote speaker theatre, LearnZone workshops, Eco coffee lounge, eco transport,
innovation hub and much more.

Harries Coffee look forward to welcoming you on the day!