Our 2024 Speakers

The complete lineup of speakers for the Big Sustainability Expo 2024 will be announced shortly.

We’re currently accepting applications from individuals passionate about sustainability and eager to share their insights and innovations. If you have expertise in sustainability and wish to contribute to our event as a speaker, we encourage you to apply. 

Big Sustainability Expo 3
Keynote Host

Astrid Davies

We are thrilled to welcome back Astrid Davies as the host of our Keynote Speaker Theatre. Astrid’s profound knowledge and expertise mean you’re in exceptional hands!

Her business, Astrid Davies Consulting, brings together a team of professionals committed to enhancing workplace happiness, productivity, and sustainability. As the lead consultant, Astrid unites experts to tailor their skills to meet specific needs. A longstanding advocate for sustainability in both her professional and personal life, Astrid has contributed significantly to environmental initiatives, including efforts to green the Isle of Wight. Her involvement in projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of organisations underscores her passion for sustainability, making her an ideal host for our Keynote Speaker Theatre.


Peter Schofield

Topic: Carbon Footprint – Why it should be measured and how it can be used to develop Net Zero strategy, Science Based Targets. And, Exploring Challenges of Scope 3 Emissions reporting.

About: Peter specialises in Carbon Footprinting and Reporting, expertly handling Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions assessments and familiarity with key standards like the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064. As a trusted technical advisor, he provides Carbon Footprint Verification and advises on carbon reporting and supply chain decarbonisation. Peter is knowledgeable about UK’s Net Zero Carbon policies and leads in developing Net Zero Carbon strategies, including Science Based Targets. He advises on decarbonisation and carbon neutralisation tactics, such as Carbon Offsetting, and designs engaging tools and presentations for a wide audience range, ensuring effective communication at all organizational levels.


Sarah Ottaway

Topic: Championing Local Sustainability

About: Sarah became SUEZ recycling and recovery UK’s Sustainability and Social Value Lead in 2019, after 12 years delivering various programmes related to service enhancement, innovation and behaviour change in SUEZ’s public sector operations. In 2018 and 2019, Sarah was included in the Lets Recycle 35 under 35 “young guns” due to her efforts having a notable impact in the resources sector. Sarah is currently responsible for developing the sustainability of SUEZ’s services and leading the continual improvement of its social value impact, while utilising her experiences to support SUEZ’s policy and circular economy activities.


Richard Collins

Topic: Navigating a complex sustainability landscape

About:  Richard, of CSR-A, will explore environmental and social responsibility, which have become paramount concerns for individuals and organisations alike. The increasing complexity of the sustainability landscape has brought about a shift in mindset, especially fuelled by global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. As we reflect on our sense of purpose and values, it becomes crucial to understand the various dimensions of sustainability and how they impact our lives. He will explore anacronyms, initialisations and jargon to make sense of this rapidly evolving space. From SDG to ESG, Net zero to CSRD he hopes to provide clarity and a clear vision of what lies ahead. Demonstrating planning social responsibility as a business strategy involves identifying stakeholders, building capacity, and making sustainability everyone’s responsibility—from the bottom up and top down. Embracing environmental and social responsibility is not just a choice but a necessity for future-proofing your business. As sustainability transitions from voluntary to mandatory, taking proactive steps now ensures that your organisation remains ahead of the curve. CSR Accreditation provides a framework and the guidance needed to navigate this complex landscape, offering a roadmap for success in building a better world for future generations.

Apply To Be a Speaker

Founded in 2015, The Big Sustainability Expo is dedicated to aiding organisations in their sustainability, environmental management, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. Our comprehensive and inclusive exhibition floor is curated to present the most effective advice and solutions currently available in the market, featuring a broad array of products, services, technologies, innovations, and expertise from leading associations, institutes, and media, as well as showcasing impactful projects.


Enhancing the Experience

The Expo is enriched by a keynote speaker theatre and a series of workshops, meticulously designed to complement the exhibition floor. These elements aim to highlight the significant achievements of organisations in sustainability, providing attendees with valuable insights and inspiration. Additionally, our programming keeps delegates informed about the latest changes in legislation and policy.


Submission Guidelines for 2024

We are inviting submissions that include:

  • Projects that offer relevant and achievable insights for our delegates, aiming to inspire and educate.
  • Updates on current legislation and notifications of new legislation.
  • Updates on current policies and notifications of new policies.
  • Contributions from industry-leading associations, institutes, or governing bodies on topical updates.

How to Apply

If you have worked on a notable project, have updates on legislation or policy, or represent an organisation with relevant insights to share, we encourage you to apply for a slot in our keynote speaker theatre. Please email your details and a summary of your topic to info@southernsustainability.co.uk.


Important Considerations:

No Sales Pitches: Please note that the keynote speaker theatre is not a platform for sales presentations.

Focus on Feasible Projects: While we are keen to explore the vast research, development, and projects supporting climate change initiatives nationwide or globally, our current resources limit our capacity to cover these comprehensively. If you’re interested in presenting such content on our behalf, please contact us first at info@southernsustainability.co.uk to discuss possibilities.