A LEADING SOURCE OF INFORMATION…On the green agenda, and what it means in a commercial landscape for organisations across the county of Hampshire.

This magazine is designed as a concise platform to demonstrate the wealth of expertise, events, solutions and support available across the region to help steer organisations in the reduction of the county’s environmental impact for the common good of its communities, natural capital and the planet.

Led by customers, consumers, legislation, tenders, stakeholders, lenders and increasingly the workforce…corporate sustainability is no longer a topic any organisation can afford to ignore. The march is on to achieve net-zero carbon in the UK and organisations in Hampshire will feel its impact. In these pages professionals will gain the knowledge and inspiration to make inroads into their own strategies. To fulfil changes that will, undoubtedly, yield impressive results both in carbon and cost savings. The magazine will also reveal insights into what is being achieved by the region’s public sector, including its local authorities and universities.


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