Big Green Wheels Commercial Event

22nd September 2022
9.30am to 15.30pm
St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton City Centre

Get up to speed with the fast-changing world of commercial transportation
Fleet management or a single vehicle its not straightforward anymore. When do you make the switch to cleaner transportation? How will you handle the change? How will your team take it? Are there any benefits? Is there any funding for vehicle charging? What charger do you buy?

Big Green Wheels is back with as many answers as we can. With many of your much-loved brands. And, many of the solutions to complement them.

– Tesla
– Ford
– Lexus
– Toyota
– Renault
– Mercedes
– Honda
– Kia
– Jaguar
– Driverless Vehicles…and we are booking more for you.

What we are hoping to bring you on the day

-Electric Cars
-Electric Vans
-Hybrid Cars & Vans
-Hydrogen Vehicles
-TEST Drives
-Rental & Leasing Solutions
-Used Vehicle Options
-Autonymous Vehicles
-Electric Boats
-Electric Mobility Vehicles
-Electric Utility Vehicles
-Electric Bikes
-Electric Scooters
-Electric Motorbikes and Mopeds
-Electric Vehicle Charging
-Solar Energy
-Battery Storage-
-Renewable Energy Heating Solutions
-Fuel reduction solutions and technology
-Vehicle Tracking
and much more…

WATCH OUR POCAST: My company transitioned these are our findings

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