Do you know if your customers have environmental and social responsibility strategies?

What about your customer’s customer?

Increasingly, as one organisation cleans up its act so it looks to scrutinise its own supply chain. You are a link in a supply chain too.

You do not want to get caught out when questioned about your own environmental and social responsibility.

Of course, your customers are not expecting you to have all the answers or to be doing everything right.
No one has all the answers. And, no one is doing everything right.

But what is increasingly expected is that you are on your own path to reducing your carbon impact.

And what we are urging you to do is to make a start. Have confidence that you can take that call from your customer and tell them ‘yes’ we are on our own journey, here is what we are doing so far. Here is what we plan to do in the future. Better still, create and share a page on your website. You will be surprised what you are already doing. Recycling? Using low energy lighting? PIR systems? Signage to turn off taps? You get our drift.

Moving on now…

What about applying for finance or funding?
Did you know that environmental responsibility can be a part of their decision-making?

Are you looking to be able to tender for new business in the future?
Did you know this is a prerequisite to your application being accepted?

In the future are you?

Looking to grow your business?
Attract stakeholders?
Attract the best staff?
Sell your business?

A sound carbon reduction and socially responsible strategy for your business will help you to achieve each of them. Failure to have a strategy will, without doubt, impact on that success.

We do not want to worry you. It’s certainly not rocket science. It just makes sound business and financial sense.

Indeed, let’s talk money while we are at it. Businesses already on board are, without exception, reducing the cost of running their organisations. So, why should you pay more to run yours?

SO, WHY NOT TAKE A FEW HOURS to spend with businesses and experts that have taken time out of their busy lives to spend time with you. To help you. To educate you. And to put you on the right path.

And, it’s FREE. What’s not to like!