The Big Sustainability Expo was designed back in 2015 to serve organisations in support of their sustainability, environmental management and corporate social responsibility strategies. Our well-rounded, all-inclusive show floor is designed to offer the practical advice and solutions available on the market. To that aim you can find representatives of the products, services, technologies, innovations, experts, associations, institutes, media and projects making their mark today.

The keynote speaker theatre and workshop programmes are designed to both complement and support the show floor.
To bring to life what is being achieved by organisations to inform and inspire. We also endeavour to keep our delegates up to date with changing legislation and policy.

Keynote Speaker Theatre Guidelines

This is what we are looking for in 2022…

-Projects that are relevant and achievable for visiting delegates to impart inspiration and knowledge
-Current legislation updates
-New legislation notifications
-Current policy updates
-New Policy notifications
-Topical updates from industry leading associations, institutes or governing bodies

If you have a topical project you have undertaken for a client?
If you are an organisation that has undertaken a topical project?
If you have a legislation or policy update?

Do get in touch to request a slot in our keynote speaker theatre with your details and an outline of what you intend to cover via


PLEASE ALSO NOTE…Although we would very much like to be able to use our platform to impart knowledge on the wider picture by demonstrating the infinite research, development and projects that are happening in support of climate change across the country or internationally, we do not currently have the resources to do them justice.

If this is something you would be interested in hosting at the Expo, on our behalf, do please contact us first via