Introducing our Master of Ceremonies

Adam has steered the Expo Keynote ship for the past three years and will do so admirably for us again this year.
Adam works with game changers in sustainability, low carbon, circular economy and cleantech start-ups and high growth enterprises to tell their story and turn commercial potential into exponential reality.

The University of Exeter Centre for Circular Economy
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Associate

Topic:  Circular Economy - What will Speed the Transition?

Over an 8 year period, Ken Webster was Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and, more recently, he has joined the University of Exeter's Circular Economy Centre.  Author of a Circular Economy - A Wealth of Flows, Ken offers an insightful case for working to the CE strategy in this recommended 'must read'.

Executive Director - Policy

Topic  You can be assured of the latest topic in Environmental Management - Topic to be confirmed

Martin is a highly competent and experienced environment and sustainability executive with excellent leadership and communication skills.
He is a strategic thinker with the capability to lead and influence 
others, with both national and international experience in developing and negotiating global and European standards.

Just one Ocean

Topic  Reversing Plastic Polution in our Oceans

After a successful military career, David retired early to pursue business and environmental interests.  As a professional diver, underwater photographer and technical media diving specialist he has been fortunate to see much of the underwater world and has been horrified by the damage we are doing.  Having worked on the BBC Life series in 2007/2008 he ended up meeting Jo Ruxton, producer of A Plastic Ocean.  He joined The Plastic Oceans foundation in 2009 where he worked as an education, science, sustainability and business adviser.  In 2013 he decided to start his own venture, Just One Ocean in order to be able to promote awareness of other ocean issues as well as plastic pollution. Diving is second nature to David and he has worked for a number of production companies including the BBC and alongside many TV personalities such as David Attenborough, Bear Grylls and Ben Fogle.

Founding Partner
Terrafiniti LLP

Topic  Building resilience…the benefits of a structured approach to sustainability

Terrafiniti LLP is a specialist consultancy pursuing the advancement of truly sustainable behaviour. They create value for through building an understanding of strategic risk and opportunity, stimulating innovation, driving operational efficiency and developing capacity. Activities have included the design and development of a range of groundbreaking publications and training interventions, research and information analyses, stakeholder-based partnership projects and the development of tools. Clients and partner organisations have included government agencies, local authorities, multinational companies and global NGOs.

Simon Ward
Head of Energy and Environment Banking

Barclays UK

Topic  Financing Sustainability Projects