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The Southern Sustainability Partnership has made a further investment in the event by securing a new home for our Keynote Presenters in the new Thought Leaders Theatre on the second floor. The new space will now ensure a quiet zone dedicated to learning - easily accessible via stairs or lifts. The prestigious, iconic Ageas Media Centre us normally home to cricketing press royalty on major Hampshire Cricket match days  A stunning view of the cricket pitch is yours for the day, directly behind the bowler’s arm, with floor to ceiling windows offering spectacular views as far as the rolling woodland behind it.  Register today and choose from our developing programme of experts...

Adrian Hopper

We are delighted to introduce you to our 2019 Keynote Theatre Host.

Adrian joins us for the day from his company, Creative Discipline in Bournemouth - Dorset.

His company has a mission to unleash the power of sustainability for ethical brands by providing a commercial point of difference and to help them understand what works and what doesn’t in terms of their sustainability activity.

Adrian very much looks forward to welcoming you on the day.


Simon ELLIN  
The Recycling Association

(As seen on BBC's Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 'War on Plastic' June 23rd 2019 & Radio BBC Breakfast BBC 1, BBC 5 Live Breakfast and across BBC local radio June 24th on worst packaging offenders). 

Creating and Sustaining Global Markets: Following the aftermath of the China ban – where the emerging markets are, we explore the challenges we face and what we need to do as a nation to give ourselves maximum access to the global marketplace. Together with how the government’s RWS fits around this.

After initially graduating in environmental science and completing a PhD on the effects of various air pollutants on the ecosystem, Simon moved into the recycling arena 30 years ago as one of the first local government Waste Disposal  Authority recycling officers, with Staffordshire County Council. Still based in Staffordshire, and married with two daughters, Simon has subsequently held a variety of commercial and operational roles in the recycling industry, spending significant periods as a mill buyer for first Cheshire Recycling (now Palm Recycling), and then Smurfit Kappa. Sandwiched in between was a period working in an operational role for Cleanaway (now Veolia), and more recently in the facilities management sector. Simon joined The Recycling Association in 2009 and is now Chief Executive of both the Recycling Association and its trading company, Independent Waste Paper Producers Limited. Simon is very clear on the strategy for the Association over the next few years and lists the balance of supporting members through probably the most difficult trading conditions they have ever experienced whilst retaining compliance and quality as his greatest challenge.




Nigel Ponsford
Key Account Manager

Source for Business

Topic  Without Water there is no Life!

Nigel has been involved in the private water industry for over 20 years, with experience varying from installing a borehole to increasing margins on a dairy farm to large scale irrigation of palm oil to increase production and save rain forests. He now works as a Key Account manager for farmers and businesses advising them - and others on how to save water and reduce bills by using it more efficiently. Or, moving them off mains onto private supplies like boreholes, wells, springs and 1rainwater.  As Nigel is keen to point out...without water there is no life.



Mark Sait

Save Money Cut Carbon

Over 20 years Save Money Cut Carbon has been a leading company in the fight to reduce energy, water and carbon. Whether you need to reduce utility costs, meet sustainability or corporate responsibility goals, comply with green tender requirements or minimise CRC tax exposure, they can help. Utility costs (energy and water) remain one of the largest costs, second only to people, for many businesses. All organisations would want to reduce their cost base if the savings could be presented in a logical and proven way. Changing behaviour remains challenging and long term. Regardless of short term fluctuations, energy and water are increasingly scarce resources, consumption is increasing all around us and, therefore, simple supply and demand rules dictate increasing supply prices. Many businesses have seen double digit increases, directly hitting their bottom line.

Dominic Tantram


Dominic TANTRAM 
Founding Partner
Terrafiniti LLP

Topic:  Sustainable Business: Why it’s inescapable and how to build business value

Expectations of business are changing. Against a background of global environmental issues; citizens, employees, investors, regulators and customers are increasingly asking questions about sustainability and expecting companies to demonstrate what they’re doing.

This can be difficult because sustainability requires businesses to consider and manage issues beyond their traditional focus.

In his talk Dominic will draw upon his experience over 20 years of working with companies and NGOs across the globe to tackle sustainability challenges. He will explore why ‘business as usual’ is no longer a viable strategy and the expectations and implications that follow. He’ll also outline the four key areas where businesses typically find business value and how transformative change can bring long-term business value. Come and listen if you’re wondering why and how your organisation should be acting on sustainability or if you’re already taking action why you should consider moving to the next level.


Executive Director - Policy
Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment - IEMA

Topic Latest policy initiative to drive a sustainable future  - Topic headline to be confirmed shortly.

Martin is a highly competent and experienced environment and sustainability executive with excellent leadership and communication skills.
He is a strategic thinker with the capability to lead and influence 
others, with both national and international experience in developing and negotiating global and European standards.


Just one Ocean

Topic  Reversing Plastic Polution in our Oceans

After a successful military career, David retired early to pursue business and environmental interests.  As a professional diver, underwater photographer and technical media diving specialist he has been fortunate to see much of the underwater world and has been horrified by the damage we are doing.  Having worked on the BBC Life series in 2007/2008 he ended up meeting Jo Ruxton, producer of A Plastic Ocean.  He joined The Plastic Oceans foundation in 2009 where he worked as an education, science, sustainability and business adviser.  In 2013 he decided to start his own venture, Just One Ocean in order to be able to promote awareness of other ocean issues as well as plastic pollution. Diving is second nature to David and he has worked for a number of production companies including the BBC and alongside many TV personalities such as David Attenborough, Bear Grylls and Ben Fogle.


Anna Willetts
Junior Vice President

Chartered Institute of Wastes Management - CIWM

Topic  What is the latest in the World of Waste?

Dr Anna Willetts was announced as CIWM junior vice president (JVP), following the first ever members council last Friday on the 7th June. Anna is senior associate at Clyde & Co and has been practicing environmental law for 10 years. Prior to becoming a lawyer, she was an environmental consultant for 5 years advising on environmental permitting, hydrogeological risk assessments and EIAs, after completing her PhD in landfill engineering. Anna has been a member of CIWM for 20 years, after having joined when she was a student. She became a Fellow five years ago and is vice chair of the CIWM Regulatory Special Interest Group, as well as centre chair for the East Anglian Centre Council. Among Anna’s many CIWM hats, she is also New Members' Network co-ordinator for the East Anglian region.

Supported by Waste Management Facilities, national waste company based in Bournemouth - Dorset.


The University of Exeter Centre for Circular Economy
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Associate

Topic:  Circular Economy - What will Speed the Transition?

Over an 8 year period, Ken Webster was Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and, more recently, he has joined the University of Exeter's Circular Economy Centre.  Author of a Circular Economy - A Wealth of Flows, Ken offers an insightful case for working to the CE strategy in this recommended 'must read'.


New for 2019...The Thought Leadership Hubs

A thought leader is an individual or organisation that is recognised as an authority  - the go-to people or company in a specialised field.  They are trusted sources who move and inspire with innovative ideas. Providing the best and deepest answers to your customer’s biggest questions. Thought leaders do one more thing that sets them apart from the crowd. They share information and let people KNOW that they are innovative, knowledgeable and have the experience to back up their claims.


Energy Management

We are now developing further topics.




Life after ESOS – What will you do next?
Delivered by Arbnco

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Topic:   Embracing a Low Carbon Future: Future-proof your business with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity’

Presented by Nick Lailey, Head of SME Sales at Bryt Energy.

Bryt Energy is a passionate, future-focused bunch, on a mission to take their community on a carbon-reducing journey. They supply zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity to British businesses, along with on-site generation, battery storage and optimisation controls. Together, they help their customers towards a sustainable energy future, whilst reducing costs and improving their CSR credentials – it’s a win-win! Statkraft, with their 120 years' experience in renewable energy, worked together with start-up and UK energy experts, MEA, to set up Bryt Energy in 2016.   Then find them on Stand 58 in Hall 1.

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Topic - Energy Management

Zenergi is a customer service company that specialises in energy, and on a mission to do things differently. Their mission is to help you reach your own definition of Energy Freedom, by designing services and utility provisions around your needs. Zenergi has dealt with every conceivable aspect of giving customers the best energy packages, advice and service. In that time they’ve also been exposed to one sad, but undeniable truth: you, the customer, are not looked after as well as you should be. Customers are often forced to deal with people who don’t have the experience to provide the right solution, and they are invariably treated as a source of profit rather than a person. Their passion and determination to change is what drives the spirit of Zenergi.

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Topic - Renewable Energy - Wessex Eco Energy

Wessex Eco Energy are based in the eco town of Poundbury, Dorset and have been installing the highest energy generators in renewable energy for a number of years now.

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Save Money Cut Carbon

Reduce the Cost of Energy and Water Bills

Save Money Cut Carbon promise is in their name; it reflects the clear, no-nonsense way they go about their work: they’re experts in helping people to use water and energy in more sustainable ways…You can work with them online, over the phone or face-to-face. For businesses and organisations, they offer UK-wide consultancy services, including energy efficiency audits, investment ready proposals and installation. Their Capital Free funding solution enables you to achieve sustainability agendas, without requiring the upfront capital. They have completed 1,000+ successful water and energy saving projects, across a range of clients, including hospitality, distribution, schools, theme parks and corporate offices.

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Waste Management

           We are now developing further topics.




Topic - Waste Security

Across the globe there are sadly 100 million homeless people, 320,000 of those are in the UK. Multiple deaths across the UK - and the world from people taking shelter in Bins, Skips & Compactors is a terrible statistic in today’s world. This thought leadership topic aims to look at the very real issue for your company and how to stop these unnecessary deaths.

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Food Waste

On a global scale, it is estimated that food waste currently causes 14% of the world’s Greenhouse gas emissions. In the UK alone, businesses currently generate around 15 million tonnes annually, 40% of which will go to landfill. The methane gas emissions from landfill are increasingly being recognised as far more harmful to our planet than carbon – in fact 25 times more damaging than carbon dioxide (CO2) as a greenhouse gas.  This thought leaders topic will look at the estimated statistics that approximately 3.2 tonnes of landfill gas emissions can be prevented for every two tonnes of food waste converted and diverted from landfill sites.

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13.00pm  Chris James BSc(hons), PGCE, PGCPM, MA(Ed), FBICSc, FCMI, MCIWM, MROCC

Topic:  Sustainable Skills for Sustainable business….building a dynamic and modern workforce
What are the future skills needed to take us from  waste led to a resource led? We are making bold commitments and promises to transform our sector; but what about the people?
The right skills, competencies and ambitions, Recruitment - challenges and opportunities, Social inclusion and mobility, Making the sector attractive, Using the Apprenticeship Levy…

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2.00pm  Valpak - Dominique Barry

Topic Legislation around ERP and plastics is evolving and the data requirements more onerous. Dominique Barry discusses what legislative changes you should be aware of and how data collected for this can give insights that help companies use more sustainable packaging and help display supply chain transparency

Valpak has been providing simple, innovative environmental solutions to over 4,000 customers since 1997 when the first piece of producer responsibility legislation, the Packaging Waste Regulations, was introduced in the UK. Since then they have gone on to provide solutions for organisations obligated under WEEE Regulations, waste batteries and accumulators regulations, RoHS Regulations, REACH Regulations, Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme, Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) and Modern Slavery Act. Valpak has also expanded their services to cover wider areas of sustainability, including: Waste Management and Recycling, Carbon Management, Energy Management, International compliance and Data Management.

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2.30pm  Reconomy - Nathan Gray Head of Sustainability, Business & Industry

Topic “Measuring and Communicating Business Impact”   Data, reporting and the importance of clear measures / KPIs.

Reconomy is the UK’s market-leading provider of outsourced recycling and resource management services. From offices in Telford, Shropshire they co-ordinate in excess of 12,000 waste movements every week and annually manage approximately 3m tonnes of waste. They work with thousands of UK businesses – from SMEs through to large blue chip companies – helping them to manage their waste in a responsible, sustainable and cost-effective way.

Then, join them on their Stand Number 55 in Hall 1