Sustainability Policy

The Southern Sustainability Partnership work hard to ensure we don't only offer guidance and support in best business practice, we adopt it too. We understand no business has all the answers, but even small things when added up make an enormous difference.

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Here is what we currently do...


- See our latest investment in carbon emission reduction in India here

- Our venue is ranked no.3 in sustainability in the Premiere Football League
- Our venue works to their Green Halo sustainability pledge - Find our more here

- Re-usable drinking cups
- Separate bins for food waste, recycling and general waste
- Eco-friendly office printer
- Carbon offset programme for printing Expo Guide through the Stanbury Chameleon and the World Land Trust
- Car share programme for meetings
- Conference, Zoom, Blue Jeans or skype calls in place of face to face meetings, where possible
- For every online meeting we plant a tree
- No plastic water bottles or straws at our events
- Cardboard and fully recyclable promotional banners
- Generic promotional items to support a longer useful lifespan
- Recycled Paper Business Cards
- Solar panels at home and Solar Hot Water
- Blue Motion Low Emission Vehicles - moving one vehicle to fully electric in 2023
- Recycling initiatives at our events
- Recycled refuse bags
- 100% fully bio-degradable bags for Expo guide see here
- Eco Washing up Liquid

 Social Value

- Each year we support a charity to exhibit free of charge at our annual expo
- We offer university students the opportunity to take part in our events to gain valuable experience for their future.


The Southern Sustainability Partnership supports the following industry groups;

- GreenTech South

 Choosing our Suppliers

- Our Website is hosted by 1&1Ionos with a proven track record for sustainability
- For our printing, we recommend Stanley Chameleon
- For our energy we recommend Clean Energy UK
- For Energy at home we recommend Big Clean Switch