Sustainability Policy

The Southern Sustainability Partnership work hard to ensure we don't only offer guidance and support in best business practice, we adopt it too.

We understand no business has all the answers, but there are things we can all do to continually improve.

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Here is what we currently do...


- Re-usable drinking cups when the team is out of the office
- Separate bins for food waste, recycling and general waste
- Eco-friendly office printer
- Carbon offset programme for printing Expo Guide through the Stanbury Chameleon and the World Land Trust
- Car share programme for meetings
- Conference or skype calls in place of face to face meetings, where possible
- No plastic water bottles or straws at our events
- Implementation of shared recycling bins at our managed offices
- We save our pens for charity via ideas2action
- Cardboard and fully recyclable promotional banners
- Generic promotional items to support a longer useful lifespan
- Recycled Paper Business Cards
- Solar panels at home and Solar Hot Water
- Blue Motion Low Emission Vehicle
- Recycling initiatives at our events
- Recycled refuse bags
- Eco Washing up Liquid

 Social Value

- Supporting students from Bournemouth and Poole College, Bournemouth University and Solent University
- We supported Dorset Wildlife Trust 2016 and 2017 Expos
- We supported initiative Ideas2Action at our 2016 and 2017 Expos
- Supported ARC at our 2018 Expo
- 2019 will see us support Just One Ocean at Expo
- We work with Ethical Insurance company Evergreen Insurance


The Southern Sustainability Partnership supports the following industry groups;

- South Wessex Waste Minimisation Group
- Sustainable Business Leadership Group
- GreenTech South
- Green Supplier Hub
- Blue Sky Network London