Why The Southern Sustainability Partnership?

With collaboration at its heart, Anita set up The Southern Sustainability Partnership in 2015 to help to drive the message that operating under a more environmentally focussed strategy, with more socially conscious values is key to the future of your organisation. Anita has extensive experience in the field of telecoms, sales and project management for both private businesses and large public organisations including the NHS. Pulling on her knowledge, she assessed the requirements of the customer and matched their needs to the expertise required to get the job done. Adopting good telecommunications technologies reduces the need for face to face interaction, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of a business - this became a passion and led to the development of the partnership.



Why The Southern Sustainability Partnership?

It was sheer frustration that led to the development of the company based on the fact that there are so many initiatives and groups telling you what to do, without offering a firm platform from which to help you to do so. Lynda has extensive PR and marketing experience in the electronics assembly sector, travelling the world in support of organisations working in this sector. Following a move to the renewable energy sector, she found her passion for environmental management and social value and started a network where she met her co-director Anita - and was asked to join various steering groups which are still supported today.


Research Specialist and Event Support

Penny has been a valued member of the team since we launched the first Expo in 2016. Originally working on the Keynote Speaker Theatre, she quickly became an invaluable researcher too.  Penny has worked in top level PA roles throughout her career, including PA to the Chief Executive of the The Royal Bournemouth Hospital. Research and attention to detail come as second nature to her, which is why she was so successful in managing a commercial travel diary for large sales teams for organisations in the engineering sector.

Adrian HOPPER 
Master of Ceremonies

Adrian joins the Expo team from his company, Creative Discipline based in Bournemouth - Dorset. His company has a mission to unleash the power of sustainability for ethical brands by providing a commercial point of difference and to help them understand what works and what doesn’t in terms of their sustainability activity.