Let us explain the why and how – that you can stand out in a crowd

Sustainability is an increasingly pressing topic for businesses across the UK. Yet, even small changes made today can make a big impact on our carbon footprint tomorrow. As well as increasing profits and improving the overall perception of our organisations.

The planet, its wildlife and our own communities are all looking to us all to make that difference.

With that in mind, you may already have your own corporate sustainability strategy in place. Or, like many you are wondering what that might look like for your company one day. What we propose today is either a significant addition to your existing strategy, or a significant first step.

A small investment today…that will make a big impact for our planet and your organisation as we all look to play our part.

So, who are we?
We are The Southern Sustainability Partnership and in 2015 we decided to make it our mission to support the corporate sustainability of organisations of all type and size…and the drive to net-zero carbon. With your help, we will be able to do even more and, as a thank you for your support, we will do a lot to support a positive message for your organisation through both our regional and UK-wide following – and across our entire platform. This is how we propose to do so.

The Big Sustainability Expo (Southampton)
Held at St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, this event is now one of the UK’s leading platforms in the acceleration of corporate sustainability projects and the drive to net-zero carbon.

As a Sustainability Champion, here is what you will enjoy by supporting this event:
-Logo and 100 words available on a dedicated Champions page drop-down, with a link to your website.
-Optional: We are a Sustainability Champion because – 1-5 minute corporate video alongside your website listing
-Logo on Sustainability Champion banner displayed in our registration area.
-Logo and 100 words in A4 Expo Show Guide (magazine and digital version) with your website address.

The Big Sustainability Awards
Held in the Mike Channon Suite at St. Mary’s Stadium, the home of premiership football club Southampton FC, this gala event is now in its 4th year. With a welcome drink’s reception, entertainment, awards ceremony, amazing raffle and dancing till midnight – this is a fantastic platform from which to reward the incredible strides being made.

As a Sustainability Champion, here is what you will enjoy by supporting this event:
-Logo and 100 words summary available on a dedicated Champion page drop-down, with a link to your website.
-Optional: We are a Sustainability Champion because – 1-5 minutes corporate video on alongside your website listing
-Logo and write-up in the evening programme
-Logo on the screens around the room, on a rolling loop throughout the Welcome Drinks Reception.
-Thank you and mention, on stage, to all our champions that attend the night.

Optional: Corporate Sustainability Education Channel
The channel hosts a series of educational podcasts designed to provide confidence through education in support of the acceleration of corporate sustainability projects.

As a Sustainability Champion, here is what you will enjoy by supporting this channel:

-Available through the southernsustainability.co.uk website, we invite you to submit a video for our Guest Channel that talks about; a)your support for corporate sustainability and why, or b) a sustainability project of your own, or
c) your sustainability policy.

This does not have to be a professional video, it can also be, for example, recorded on zoom or a similar platform. As long as it provides you with a voice on this platform.

Sustainability Champion Virtual Meetings
We invite you to come together, twice during each year, where will have a speaker(s) to support a corporate sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Champion Networking Meeting
We will invite you to join your fellow Sustainability Champions at a networking meeting each year. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business with like-minded professionals.

We host a directory of businesses involved in supplying products, services, technologies and expertise.
Organisations also look to buy from organisations that support corporate sustainability.

So, this what we propose setting up in our directory.

Each of our Sustainability Champions to have a feature in our ‘Organisations that support Corporate Sustainability’. This will be a logo and up to 500 words, with a link to your website.

Let us help you shout about becoming a Sustainability Champion…
-Each Champion will receive a plaque to showcase
-Each Champion will receive a social media banner to share online
-Each Champion will receive an email signature logo
-Each Champion will receive a press announcement to share with your local/regional media
-Each Champion will be included in an annual, joint press announcement to showcase our champions for the year

Get ready to sign up now.
Because even the smallest investments can pack the biggest punch!

Option1 – Small Business
1 to 20 Employees.
Let us help you get started with a 1-Year Sustainability Champion Status for just £295.00

Option 2 – Medium Sized Business
21 to 50 Employees.
1-Year Sustainability Champion Status for just £525.00

Option 3 – Large Organisations
51 employees upwards.
1-Year Sustainability Champion Status for just £850.00

Interested in our 2-year discount – let us know?

TO BOOK simply contact us via info@southernsustainability.co.uk
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