Sustainability Master Classes

 Ensuring your Business is Fit for the Future

Cutting edge sustainability training for business leaders of large corporations has now been made affordable for SMEs thanks to a Southern Sustainability and Terrafiniti LLP partnership.

For when it is as important to work on your business as it is to work in your business.

 Introducing the EnVision Master Classes delivered over a manageable twelve-month programme

In this fast-changing world, your business must ensure it is fit for what is ahead. With the resilience and infrastructure to adapt to this change and, as a result, the ability to attract and retain the brightest and most motivated teams to serve your customer. Customers who increasingly rate a more responsible supply chain as highly as quality and customer service.

The programme is designed to develop your understanding of this changing business world and help you identify practical solutions you can take action on. Actions that make sense for you and your business.

 Is EnVision right for me?

Are you…

An owner, director or senior manager in an ambitious or fast moving company?

Looking to develop a more ambitious approach to the great work you are doing on selected issues
such as carbon, employee engagement, diversity or governance?

Frustrated that your CSR/Sustainability approach is not joined up, and stuck in implementation or, insufficient to meet your customer’s enquiries.

Perhaps you are worried that you don’t have a complete understanding of global or national trends and reputational or supply risks in your value chain?

 Does any of that sound familiar?

If the answer is yes then the EnVision Masterclass Programme may be exactly what you need.

The Masterclasses provide access to tools and practical advice based on 40+ years, collective experience of working with leading companies, government and NGOs across the World.

Through The Southern Sustainability Partnership, EnVision now provides cost-effective access to our consultancy, capacity building and training expertise through an interactive and collaborative environment.

This will allow you to learn, grow, share and develop a compelling and effective approach to sustainability.

For full details of the programme and when you can begin, please call 01202 971186 or email via