Green Wheels

30th July 2022
11.00am to 3.30pm
02 Guildhall and Guildhall Square (Southampton City Centre)

In association with the Big Green Event 2022
A collaboration between The Southern Sustainability Partnership and Southampton City Council

The world of transportation is changing…fast.
It’s time to get up to speed…fast!

What can you expect from your day?

Electric Cars
Electric Vans
Hybrid Cars & Vans
Hydrogen Vehicles
Rental & Leasing Solutions
Used Vehicle Options
Autonymous Vehicles
Electric Boats
Electric Mobility Vehicles
Electric Utility Vehicles
Electric Bikes
Electric Scooters
Electric Motorbikes and Mopeds
Electric Vehicle Charging
Solar Energy
Battery Storage
Renewable Energy Heating Solutions
Fuel reduction solutions and technology
Vehicle Tracking
and more…

What to expect from your FREE bonus Co-Event?

-How to reduce your water usage
-Talk to the experts about effective recycling and waste management
-Meet the initiatives offering support in your region
-How to reduce your carbon footprint
-Eco alternatives to your everyday consumer items
-Eco pet solutions
-Alternative beauty products
-Solutions are developing all the time for the 2022 green event…watch this space.

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We look forward to seeing you on the day!


Consultancy Services


What are you doing already? Whether the answer is something – or nothing we will provide a review of the potential of your business to run a more responsible operation. The potential to reduce your running costs, for example, or to help with smarter procurement and sourcing solutions and suppliers. We can guide you through the environmental management element of the tender process and, ultimately, help ensure you meet the changing expectations of your customers – and your workforce.


Our team is on hand to offer continued advice to support you in your corporate sustainability or social value journey. We are at the end of an email or phone, or we can join you for meetings.


Many companies find that engaging the workforce in their aspirations to become a more responsible business helps to ensure its success. That is where we come in, by organising;

  • Sustainability Days  Helping to engage your workforce through various exhibits, presentations and an interactive itinerary.
  • Lunch and Tell  These are mini 2-hour sessions towards staff engagement.
  • Training  We run an annual programme to accelerate your business and ensure it’s Fit for the Future.
  • Workshops  Half day or two-hour training sessions.

 Customer Hospitality

With running a more responsible business now as important as quality or excellent customer service, companies are keen to demonstrate their advancements in this field.  We support clients by enabling them to host half or full-day hospitality events, designed to suit them and the industry sector they operate within.  Each event is tailored to suit you and to enable you to keep within budget and, to ultimately ensure you attract and retain the right type of customer stay ahead of their competition.


Clients are invited to join us at the annual event, The Big Sustainability Expo 2019 and to enjoy a complimentary drink in our Eco Coffee Lounge, as well as lunch in the venue’s restaurant Beefy’s run by Ian Botham.  This year the Expo will take place on the 8th October at the Hilton Ageas Bowl (Southampton).

Big Sustainability Awards 2022

22nd September 2022
Welcome Drinks from 7.00pm
Evening all the way through to carriages at midnight

St. Mary’s Premiership Football Stadium (Southampton)

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Introducing our 2022 Host

Megan McCubbin is an English zoologist, conservationist, photographer and television presenter. With her stepfather, Chris Packham, Megan has co-hosted Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch on BBC Two since 2020. In 2021, Packham and McCubbin co-hosted Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer for the BBC. Megan took Environmental Studies at A-Level, and a foundation year in Biological Science led her to study Zoology at the University of Liverpool. In 2017 she hosted an episode of the BBC documentary series Undercover Tourist about the bear bile industry. Megan also presented an episode of Planet Defenders in which she investigated why protected sharks were being caught and sold as ‘Rock Salmon’. Back to Nature: How to Love Life – and Save It, is a book co-written by Packham and McCubbin and published by Two Roads in December 2020.

Why attend?

Is your business or public organisation working hard to make a difference? Completing project after project, or offering guidance on the reduction of our environmental footprint? Or, are you passionate about supporting organisation’s that are playing their part in helping the planet? Or, you work in the sector and would like to meet like-minded professionals? Yes? Then it’s time that you stood out from the crowd? You are doing an awesome job and we truly want to celebrate those efforts with you!

We still have great memories of the 2021 awards night…so, why not take a peek?
2021 Awards Night

Located in the vibrant city of Southampton…at the impressive St. Mary’s Football Stadium…fasten your seat belt, it’s going to be another incredible night!

What can you look forward to on the night?

-Welcome Drinks Reception
-3-Course Meal
-Awards Ceremony
-Raffe Prizes

Introducing your 2022 Ambassador

We are once again delighted to introduce our 2022 Ambassador. For the third year running, Marc Smith, co-owner of the GHS Group from Gosport is putting their support behind one of the UK’s largest awards dedicated to rewarding efforts in corporate sustainability. GHS Group is a plumbing, heating and electrical company, with software that monitors equipment and sends GHS updates when it runs inefficiently, reducing number of services, man-hours, fuel and disruption. Making the world greener and making a big difference to an otherwise dirty industry.