Big Sustainability Expo (Southampton) . 22 September 2022 . 9.30 to 3.30


Sustainability has never been higher on the corporate agenda, as organisations wake up to their environmental responsibility and what it means for their future. And, what it means for their future is a vital part of their sustainable economic model.

Is it high on your agenda? Perhaps you are here to find out why it should be?

Your business…every business is viewed through a very different lens today. It’s true of your customer, your investor and your workforce. If you require longevity in your business, to grow your business, apply for finance or attract investors you need to be able to demonstrate a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and social responsibility. To do all this you also need the right team…and a robust sustainability strategy is how you will win the war on talent too. You don’t need to have all the answers, no one does, but you do need a credible plan in place – no matter where you are on your journey.

Join us for the 2022 Expo

Build confidence in your business, as we build an event that promises to help you deliver on your promise to reduce your impact on the environment and to provide the building blocks to help you do so. We are currently working hard on your behalf to deliver;

– Well over 100 different Exhibition Stands
– Products, services, technologies, innovations making their mark today
– Leading experts from across the country
– Bigger than ever Speaker Platform
– Education Workshops
– And much more…

FREE Bonus Event

Choosing a vehicle for your business, or an entire fleet is not the same as it once was. Or, at least the options have changed with the introduction of cleaner solutions for the planet. What are your options, are there financial benefits? What are they like to drive? Will the team adapt well to the change? So many questions… that’s why we have introduced a free bonus vehicle element to the Expo.

So, why Southampton?
Southampton is a city and one of the fastest-growing economies outside of London. The city has also just been named the best city in the UK for independent business. For our UK-wide delegates, getting here is easy with the city’s great public transport network for anywhere in the country.

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