Saying NO to landfill!

How many times have you past by a skip outside a commercial building and been horrified at the quality of what is being simply thrown away? Perhaps they simply need help to understand what to do with it. That is why the Southern Sustainability Partnership has joined forces with organisations to ensure workplaces can easily dispose of items they no longer require - matching it with another that can provide it with a new home! Extremely rewarding!

How to begin

Contact us

01202 971186

Service Cost 

A nominal service cost of £50.00+VAT is applicable.
(This is a one-off price and is not dependent on the number of items).

Daylight Energy 
"We reclaimed most of our office desks from another company who no longer needed them. Great condition, great solution!"

Information Required 

Please supply each item, or matching items at a time.

-Item name/type
-Number of matching items
-Manufacturers details, if available
-Date available from


Can you deliver the item(s)?

If not, a collection service is available at an additional cost.

A quotation is available on request.

Tell us what you are looking for?

Can we help you to find a second-hand item for your business?

Do get in touch and we will help you find what you are looking for!