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I have undertaken one hour of personal professional development in corporate sustainability through the Corporate Sustainability Education Channel. 
Incorporating online video content, the channel is designed to accelerate corporate sustainability by supporting the reduction of the environmental footprint of organisations in the public and private sectors.

Series 2
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Jeannette Jones
Any Green Will Do
Access to over 1000 household eco products

Episode Content

Step by Step to Eco Shopping 

There are so many eco household, health and beauty solutions on the market today, but for many eco shopping is a new concept. This episode covered products and tips for eco living from a leading online eco solutions company, Any Green Will Do. This session is designed to enable us to take our own step-by-step approach to changing our shopping habits. Becoming a grandmother at the tender age of 45 got Jeannette thinking about the environment. It’s the topic on everyone’s lips, she says, but no-one seems to know what to do to prevent its deterioration. What animals would be around for her grand-daughter when she is older, for example. After discovering Wikaniko eco solutions Jeannette realised quickly that we don’t have to take on this huge task by ourselves. We can make our own ripples. Jeannette hopes that by letting you know about the products available it will empower you to make different choices.

This is one of a series of educational programmes which incorporate proven projects undertaken by professionals within organisations, as well as featuring experts, products, technologies and services making their mark in the industry today.

The Southern Sustainability Partnership

The platform empowering organisations to change, we are a partnership designed to disrupt a ‘business as usual’ agenda. Why? Because reducing the environmental footprint of our businesses is among the most important topics of our time. We achieve this, in part, by creating events your business cannot afford to miss…on the topics your business cannot afford to ignore.

In short, we help future-proof organisations while they help shape the planet – one sustainability project at a time. We also acts as disrupter through consultancy, supplier directory and education channel…in support of both the public and private sector.  We believe it’s only by creating a platform for collaboration, open discussion and sharing of knowledge…matched with an ability to see and touch the solutions available that real change can be made.

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