6 Module Training Programme
Delivered via video meeting or at your facility.

Aimed at: Business Owners and their Management Teams

Half Day: £895.00

To include:

• A document detailing what is covered in your training, for each candidate, for post-training referencing
• Link to the Corporate Sustainability Education Channel Podcasts relating to specific training modules

Delivered by:

The Southern Sustainability Partnership Limited
01202 971186

Sustainability and Small Businesses

The length and breadth of the country, there are small to medium-sized businesses all asking the same question…

What does my business stand to gain from adopting a sustainability plan?

Have you thought that the question they should be asking is what does my business stand to lose if I don’t?

This 6 step training module is aimed specifically at small businesses, designed to demonstrate the positive results experienced by companies of all type and size and from every industry sector as they develop their own sustainability plans. The training will help you understand why following a sustainability strategy is now as vital to the future of your business as quality and customer service…while guiding you towards a step-by-step plan that is manageable and will not overwhelm your workforce.

Large corporations have been reaping the benefits for some years now…it’s time for SMEs to enjoy those benefits too.

What is covered in your training?

1.What is a Business Sustainability Plan?
2.Why build a Business Sustainability Plan?
3.Practical Training Modules:
Module 1: Let’s surprise you by identifying what you may already be doing
Module 2: Procurement
Module 3: Waste and Recycling
Module 4: Energy Management
Module 5: Staff Engagement
Module 6: Marketing
4. What next for your business?

1. What is a Business Sustainability Plan?

In short, it’s a plan organisations use to achieve certain goals in financial, societal and environmental sustainability. Your business, in fact every business, has an impact on its community and our wider planet resources and by taking steps towards sustainability it reflects positively on the interests of the environment, the business owner, consumer and customer.

Large corporations have led the march on sustainability for a number of years and there is a very good reason for this. Profit! But those same plans that they adopt are scalable for your business too and, taken in bite-sized modules, you too can achieve those same results, relative to your own company. As well as improve your processes, eliminate waste and, therefore wasted money and resources and enjoy increased profits.

2. Why Build a Sustainable Business?

No matter the size of your business, the industry you operate within, whether you are B2B or B2C the benefits are the same;
• Immediate cost savings are achieved to improve your bottom line

• The spotlight turns to what you consume as a business which, in turn, reduces your costs

• The perception of your business is viewed more positively by your customers and your community

• You create the ability to meet changing consumer and customer expectations

• Your customers may well have their own sustainability plan and will no longer choose suppliers who don’t

• If your aim is to attract stakeholders, they will begin to sit up and take notice

• If you aspire to enter for tenders, a sustainability plan provides an important tool to help you win them

• Your business will stand out to the most talented and motivated professionals in your industry

3. Training Modules

MODULE 1 – Let’s surprise you by identifying what you may already be doing
This module aims to point you in the direction of what your business is already achieving. Most businesses are surprised at what comes under the banner of sustainability, and it is motivating to find that you could already be on the right path.

MODULE 2 – Procurement
In this module we will talk you through how to scrutinise your supply chain…as well ways how to create a more joined up approach, department by department, to your procurement in order to reduce waste in all its many and varied forms. This will provide you with your initial ‘quick wins’ in cost reductions, as well as develop new thinking within your business that develop into those longer term savings and, in turn reduce your environmental footprint.

MODULE 3 – Waste and Recycling
Once we have discussed where your waste may be coming from, this module takes you through ways in which you can deal with that waste and develop your own recycling strategies.

MODULE 4 – Energy Management
Energy can be waste too…and before they embark on this process most companies will have no idea quite how much they are spending on their energy until the bill is received. So, where is this energy being used and what are the ways it can be dissected and reduced?

MODULE 5 – Staff Engagement
The key to the success of any sustainable business plan lies in the company’s ability to engage its staff. This module will look at how a business can turn what could be perceived as a negative, in terms of job role scrutiny, changes in the way a role is carried out – or added responsibility into a positive which changes the very culture of a company which has the ability to benefit everyone within it – no matter their job title or role.

MODULE 6 – Marketing
No matter how big, or how small your efforts and successes as they develop…they are all marketing material for you to use. This module looks at ways in which your business can manopolise on its successes and use it to your advantage. This creates an impressive perception of your business with your customers, as well as a personality for your business in its community.

4.What next for your business?
This training module will touch on some of the ways in which you can progress your sustainability plan beyond these modules, as well as some support tools available both regionally and nationally.

Who is delivering your training?

The Southern Sustainability Partnership has offices in both Dorset and Hampshire and has been providing support for organisations of all size and type across the South Coast since 2015. Serving both the public and private sector in corporate sustainability, this support is provided in the form of SME training, sustainability consultancy, bespoke directory and supplier catalogue, corporate sustainability events and an educational podcast channel. To date, the company has worked with large corporations, charity, SMEs, local authority, NHS Trusts, universities and colleges to deliver inspirational support tools that drive more responsible methods of running an organisation.

Our team view themselves as disrupters of a ‘business as usual’ agenda.
Why? Because business as usual is no longer how our organisations will survive and thrive.

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