1. Energy Management
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Energy management is one of the most important issues facing our organisations today. There is the unprecedented rising cost of energy, energy storage, and, therefore, reduced resource. And the pull on those resources from both the domestic and commercial marketplace. And then there is the ongoing commitment by organisations to reduce the energy they use in order to reduce their environmental impact. If your organisation has a solution that will help solve any of these issues or if you have successfully completed a project that has reduced your own impact and will help an inspire others, then our awards panel would like you to nominate for this category.

2. Communicating your Sustainability Project
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This award category is designed to ensure the best sustainability projects are also not the best-kept secrets! Has your organisation carried out a sustainability project that you feel you will burst if you cannot share your successes? Has your organisation carried out a sustainability project that you feel will help and inspire other organisations to do the same? Then our awards panel would like to hear about it and ask you to please nominate for this award.

3. Waste Management
At the core of every robust sustainability strategy is the desire and determination to identify and address waste. To scutinise what comes into your organisations against what goes out as waste in all its many forms. That’s why this category is so vital to this awards programme. Has your organisation created a winning solution or formula to help organisations identify or reduce their waste? Or, has your organisation carried out a project that will help and inspire others which you are just bursting to share? If the answer is yes, then our awards panel want to hear from you and ask you to nominate for this award.

4. SME – your Sustainability Journey
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So often the big headlines shout about what our large corporations are doing to reduce their environmental impact. Corporations that understand, only too well, that these headlines also translate into profits. However, so many incredible small and medium sized businesses are also peddling away, silently, trying to play their own part in the reduction of their carbon footprint which will also reduce the cost of running that business and help them to also become more profitable and sustainable for the benefit of us all. So, we urge you hardworking SMEs out there to take a moment to shout about what you are doing too. You may not be a big company but the difference you are able to make is relative all the same – perhaps even greater. So, no matter the content of your journey, so far, if you are successful in your strides to make a difference our awards panel want to hear about it and ask you to nominate for this award.

5. ISO 14001 Business of the year
This international standard was designed to provide one of the most comprehensive roadmaps for running a more sustainable business. To enable organisations to scrutinise every aspect of running their organisation and provide the tools by which to do so. Somewhere along an organisations journey they realise that it is a vital tool to running an organisation, full stop, whether or not your end goal is to reduce your environmental impact and/or meet legislation. And so, out there, there is now an army of committed and driven organisations operating under an ISO 14001 banner – a banner that urges sustainability leadership from the top – are you one of them? If you are then our awards panel want, you to nominate for this award to find out what this international standard has meant for your organisation.

6. Sustainable Transport Project of the year
No organisation can escape the fact that transportation, in any form, is one of the most important issues to address as part of a comprehensive environmental management strategy. However, moving away from traditional methods of transport to clean energy options is not an easy one. Indeed, it asks us to challenge everything we know about purchasing one vehicle or a fleet or vehicles and one of our largest business expenditures and turn it on its head. And the effects of that decision do not only involve those who have to sign off on that expenditure. There are those who must drive and maintain them too. Not to mention the required infrastructure, salary implications, insurance, financing etc. If your organisation has taken all these challenges and met them head on, then our awards panel want you to nominate for this award.

7. Start-Up of the year
Wow! So, your journey has already begun. You have taken that enormous leap of faith, dug deep for the courage to make your business happen and now you want to tell everyone about it and to share why working with you provides a service, solution, technology, product or innovation that will support their environmental management strategy. Well, you have come to the right place as our awards panel wants to hear from you and they want you to take that same courage to nominate for this award. No, it’s not too early to do so, that’s why they designed an award for those at the very beginning of their journey. If your business is two years old or less, then this is your category – nominate now.

8. Net Zero journey of the year
If your organisation is on its journey to net-zero, then you have made an incredible commitment to not only the planet but to the future of your organisation and the industry sector you operate within. And our panel congratulates you. They also want to hear from you. What does that commitment look like for you? What are the targets you have set for your organisation? What challenges does your industry sector pose? And what commitment have you made in terms of time to undertake this? You deserve to be rewarded, so please nominate now.

9. Sustainable Product/Service of the Year
To be AWARDED by Dyson
Sustainable Product/Service of the year Award – ESG is no longer just a label, it is a vital business consideration. Today it is necessary that climate and sustainability is factored into business models, into technology, into working practices and even the workspaces that we use. Technology plays a huge part in this. This award is for companies that have developed (or are developing) products or services that support the ESG ambitions and objectives of their industries, consumers, or clients. Entrants should have developed the technology in-house and own the IP. Successful nominees will be able to demonstrate how this is contributing to the growing push for sustainable practices and business, while reducing the impact of business on the environment.

10. Special Recognition Award from the organisers

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