Workshop: Osmond Ergonomics

Discipline Ergonomic Office Solutions, Training and Wellbeing in the Workplace

For more than 25 years, Guy Osmond’s business Osmond Ergonomics has used a creative approach to solving customers’ problems and combination of products, knowledge and resources has been unparalleled. His business keeps abreast of the evolving needs of organisations and understands the importance of a people-centred approach in today’s workplace. Whether you need to improve the wellbeing of individuals or enhance the productivity of departments or the organisation, their well-honed processes ensure an effective outcome. That is why their customers have been working with them for years and why so many organisations turned to them during the Covid-19 lockdown. They also have extensive experience in supporting individuals and students with musculoskeletal issues and varying degrees of disability.  Linkedin

Workshop: Hilton Ageas Bowl

Discipline Ensuring Cleanliness

Hilton, as a brand, has developed EventReady a global meeting and events programme designed to create event experiences that are clean, flexible, safe and socially responsible. Hilton EventReady with CleanStay will provide curated solutions with creative food and beverage, thoughtful technology resources, elevated standards and practices with redesigned spaces for physical distancing, and reimagined ways to meet and gather. The goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for event planners and their attendees.

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