Introducing our Southampton City Champions 2021

The Big Sustainability Awards reward those who are making a difference by operating more responsibly. So, as the eyes of the business world fall on the city of Southampton on the 28th October, our city businesses are coming together on the night to support them too.

Let us introduce you to them.

Introducing our Southampton City Champion, Paris Smith.
Paris Smith provide a full range of legal services to businesses, organisations and individuals.”Paris Smith is proud of the region in which we live and work. Through collaboration with key stakeholders in the public, private and voluntary sectors, we continue to play our part to create a legacy for the region so that our communities continue to thrive for future generations.”

Sustainable Distribution Centre, Southampton.
The Sustainable Distribution Centre is an innovative logistics solution which consolidates deliveries for businesses and organisations across Southampton, whilst reducing congestion and pollution in the city. The scheme, which has operated since 2012 in conjunction with Southampton City Council, allows companies and public sector organisations in the area to consolidate their deliveries into the Sustainable Distribution Centre (SDC) warehouse, owned and operated by Meachers Global Logistics, and lower the number of deliveries made back into their business. It helps reduce heavy vehicle traffic movements in Southampton’s congested city centre and lower pollution levels in the city for residents and visitors.

Zenergi is a customer service company specialising in energy, and built on the belief that there is a better, brighter way forward for the energy industry. Their long-term vision for the future of energy is to help set customers free. Whether that means simply from the stresses of managing bills, free from waste or even taking you entirely off grid by implementing your own self-generating supply.

Southampton Football Club is actively looking to embed sustainability into all aspects of the club. They want to introduce a culture of saving energy, reducing waste, phasing out single-use plastics, ensuring our waste is recycled properly, and, overall, supporting their fans to make positive changes. They understand, that as a Premier League football club, and a significant part of the community, that they have the influence to lead the way, especially with their supporters, onboard to help them. Passionate about driving change, they have formed Saints Sustainability, a group of staff from across the club who are passionate about making positive change, and they’ve been responsible for many of the initiatives we’re delighted to share with you.

Yandiya™ Technologies Ltd is part of a Global Group committed to the design development, manufacture and distribution of next generation heating solutions. They utilise energy efficient high performance infrared radiant heating technologies, with options suitable for both commercial or domestic applications. The incredibly environmentally-friendly, affordable, low-cost heating solutions are the next generation of heating. With the added benefit of having a low carbon footprint, along with a wide variety of perceived health benefits these heating solutions are also very easy to install with little or no maintenance requirements.

Balfour Beatty Living Places works in long-term partnerships with local authorities to create great places to live, work and play. Tehy actively engage with local people to understand the needs of the communities we work in and shape the places where local economies can thrive and grow.

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You can be at any stage of your own sustainability journey, it is supporting your city that counts!