Sustainability Policy

At The Southern Sustainability Partnership, our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is integral to our operations and ethos. We understand the importance of our environmental impact and actively seek ways to reduce it while contributing positively to our community and the broader world. Below are the key aspects of our sustainability policy.

Environmental Initiatives:

Chemical Reduction in Manufacturing: We have invested in reducing chemical use in manufacturing processes in India, prioritising safer, more sustainable practices.

Waste Management: Implementation of separate bins for food waste, recycling, and general waste, alongside the use of eco-friendly office printers, recycled paper business cards, and recycled refuse bags.
Sustainable Resources: Use of reusable drinking cups, cardboard and fully recyclable promotional banners, 100% bio-degradable bags for expo guides, and eco-friendly washing liquid.

Energy Conservation: Adoption of solar panels and solar hot water systems for energy efficiency, as well as low-emission Blue Motion vehicles, with a transition to fully electric vehicles initiated in 2023.

Carbon Offset: Participation in carbon offset programs, including eco-conscious printing of the Expo Guide in partnership with Stanbury Chameleon and the World Land Trust.

Digital Integration: Preference for video meetings to reduce travel emissions and a car-share programme for essential meetings to lessen our carbon footprint.

Social Value:

Charitable Support: Annually, we provide a charity with a complimentary exhibit space at our Expo, reinforcing our commitment to giving back to the community.

Educational Opportunities: We offer university students the chance to participate in our events, gaining invaluable experience and insight into sustainable practices.

Community Engagement:

We proudly support GreenTech South and the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, collaborating with industry groups to foster sustainability within our community.

Ethical Supplier Choices:

Sustainable Hosting: Our website is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, chosen for their sustainability credentials.

Purpose-driven Creative Agency: We work with NOSY,  a Creative Agency that aims to work with companies whose business models are purpose-driven. Be it wildlife conservation, renewable energy, sustainable transport, research, eco software or other sectors that help us to have a future. NOSY also aim to live up to this in their own operations, by monitoring and reducing environmental impact. Continuously learning and challenging themselves to improve. This creative agency believes that together, we can make a difference.

Eco-friendly Printing: For printing needs, we recommend Stanley Chameleon, aligning with our eco-conscious values.

Renewable Energy: We endorse Clean Energy UK for business energy needs and Big Clean Switch for residential energy, promoting the use of clean, renewable sources.

Through these actions, The Southern Sustainability Partnership aims to not only reduce our environmental impact but also to inspire others within our industry and community to follow suit. Our sustainability policy is a living document, subject to regular review and updates as we discover new ways to further our commitment to the planet and its inhabitants.

Last Updated: 15th March 2024