Expo to Host Largest Carbon Reduction Speaker Panel in Seven-Year History

The Big Sustainability Expo is the region’s flagship event supporting carbon reduction across both the public and private sectors. Alongside over a hundred exhibition stands, this year will see them host the largest and most influential expert speaker panel yet, designed to render carbon reduction simpler to achieve and understand.

Organisations across the country will share achievable case studies alongside industry bodies and leading experts on topics such as the benefits of carbon reduction for SMEs. The viability of solar energy in 2022. Addressing energy usage through management tools. Waste and recycling. Net-zero. Social impact goals. Water management and savings statistics. With further topics to be confirmed.

Organisers have also invited an influential environmental industry body, IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) to discuss greening your workforce. Plus, renowned expert Guy Osmond of Osmond Ergonomics who will tackle ensuring staff wellbeing in the workplace in an era of remote working.

“The region was crying out for its own dedicated event to demonstrate the scope of products, technologies, services, innovations, and expertise available to support carbon reduction today. Whilst creating a culture that expresses its importance at the same time as demonstrating it is also achievable,” explains Expo Director Lynda Daniels of The Southern Sustainability Partnership: “To do this vital topic justice and to truly support our region’s organisations in their quest to adhere to legislation and meet changing customer expectations, an event solely covering this topic was the only way to do it justice. This year we made a move to step up our presenter stage in line with this growth and expand the topics we can cover.”

Organisations in the region are also being celebrated, with presenters from Southampton Airport and Southampton Football Club – now in 3rd place in the Premier League Sustainability table.

The Expo is free to attend and will take place on September 22nd between 9.30am and 3.30pm at St. Mary’ Stadium, Southampton. This event will be held alongside Co-Event Big Green Wheels 2002 and the Local Authority Collaboration Forum.

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Corporate Sustainability high on the Agenda Reports 2021 Expo

Ahead of COP 26, The Big Sustainability Expo show floor at St. Mary’s Stadium Southampton clearly demonstrated corporate sustainability is high on the agenda for organisations of all sizes, types, and sectors across the United Kingdom.

Delegate numbers were at an all-time high and, almost without exception exhibitors reported a significant number of positive conversations and a noticeable shift in determination from both the public and private sectors to drive sustainability and net-zero carbon projects forward at pace.

Expo hosts, The Southern Sustainability Partnership with offices in both Dorset and Hampshire on the South Coast of England, now have 5 events under their belt and status as one of the UK’s leading events dedicated to corporate sustainability. And, well placed ahead of COP 26, to gauge the mood of organisations across the country.

“There is no doubt, whatsoever, that businesses are waking up to their environmental responsibilities and what that means for their longevity. Whether it’s one person running a business or a multi-national corporation we are now seeing very real action taking place. The Expo far exceeded even our well-planned expectations for the day and we are encouraged for how that bodes for the success of COP 26 and for the United Kingdom going forward.”

The Big Sustainability Expo showcase covers a wide spectrum of the products, services, technologies, solutions, innovations, and experts making their mark today…and doors will open again on the 22nd September 2022.

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